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What does modern broadcast PR content look like? Markettier's ceo Howard Kosky on the PRmoment Podcast

For this week's podcast, we’re talking to Howard Kosky, CEO of markettiers.

For those of you that don’t know, markettiers is the UK’s largest broadcast PR firm. If you watch or listen to the news in the UK, most days you’re likely to hear a markettiers' campaign or two!

Howard’s going to be chatting with us about what broadcast PR looks like as we all continue to emerge from the lockdown years.

The broadcast sector, in terms of the number of listeners and viewers, had a remarkable lockdown and on the show we’re going to talk about what opportunities there are for PR people in a refreshed, but evolved, broadcast sector.

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And What are the most popular KPIs in PR?

Here’s a summary of what Howard and PRmoment founder Ben Smith discussed:

2 mins Why lockdown meant the number of people listening and watching radio, TV and podcasts increased.

4 mins Howard talks us through the different elements of the broadcast sector.

5 mins “At the start of 2021 the 6.30 pm regional TV news bulletin on the BBC was the single most watched programme for 2 weeks on daytime television, which shows people's appetite for news at a very local level.”

7 mins Why, surprisingly, when you consider the decrease in commuting trends, podcasts also had a good lockdown.

8 mins Improvements in technology have helped drive the popularity of podcasts.

9 mins 65% of BBC Sounds consumption is live.”

10 mins Why is broadcast still such a trusted media compared to other types of media?

11 mins “For the average listener the radio presenter is their friend.”

13 mins Why are there more broadcast media PR slots available than ever?

14 mins “The pandemic has accelerated the use of technology for broadcast capability. A call can be done on a wifi signal at both ends and the sound quality is great.”

15 mins Any spokesperson, anywhere, globally, at the end of a webcam and a decent signal is available for an interview which means that producers and programmers can access more guests.”

17 mins Has there been a shift towards the broadcast media wanting more expert commentators rather than celebrities?

20 mins What does a modern broadcast PR campaign look like?

23 mins When do you know if you’ve got a campaign that’s right for TV?

27 mins Why did some American investors decide there was room in the UK broadcast market to launch GB News?

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