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What is PRmoment Leaders?

PRmoment Leaders is our new subscription-based learning programme and community, built by PRmoment specifically for the next generation of PR and comms leaders to learn, network and lead.

It features a new educational syllabus that will help develop and retain your senior team members, while preparing them to lead your business and drive future growth.

Containing 11 learning and networking elements, the PRmoment Leaders subscription package has been designed to flex around busy teams and individual learning styles.

Why Join PRmoment Leaders?

To Learn

Accelerate your career progression by increasing your strategic knowledge, learning directly from the best people in the industry

To Network

Grow your personal network by meeting and getting know peers in similar positions across the PR and comms industry

To Lead

Enhance your leadership skills in preparation to step up and confidently lead high performance teams

First Semester's Masterclass Announced

We're thrilled to announce the line-up for the first semester's Masterclasses - you can read more details here, including when the masterclasses are and what content will be covered in each.

View the full lineup


1 Seat

Year 1 - £1,500+VAT

Year 2 - £1,250 +VAT
Year 3 / Lifetime Leader £1,000+VAT

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2-4 Seats

Year 1 - £1,250+VAT

Year 2 - £1,100+VAT
Year 3 / Lifetime Leader £950+VAT
*Per seat

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5-8 Seats

Year 1 - £1,100+VAT

Year 2 - £950+VAT
Year 3 / Lifetime Leader £850+VAT
*Per seat

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9+ Seats

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If you'd prefer to pay your PRmoment Leaders subscription monthly by standing order, that's fine. Just let us know by emailing 

*All subscriptions auto-renew annually unless cancelled. You'll receive at least two reminders, checking that you want to renew your subscription.

What does PRmoment Leaders include?

What you getInclusive of
An annual syllabus featuring 20 PR and comms masterclasses

2024-25 masterclasses:

  1. How to build and develop your agency business
  2. How to improve the diversity, inclusion and retention of PR teams
  3. How to lead a pitch more effectively
  4. The financial controls you need in a modern PR firm
  5. How do you build a great agency team?
  6. What is the contribution of comms in the modern corporate world?
  7. What does a great agency-client partnership look like?
  8. Future-proofing the skills of agency businesses
  9. The tools suite required for a PR firm
  10. Importance of business leadership in PR strategy
  11. The role of PR in an integrated communications mix
  12. How to improve agency culture
  13. Media consumption trends
  14. Understanding the data flows of public relations
  15. The personality traits of a good public relations team
  16. How to develop your team
  17. How to develop better client relationships
  18. Managing clients to increase revenue
  19. Which sectors of PR will grow in the medium term
  20. How to embed creativity into your agency
Annual PRmoment Leaders conferenceLearn from the best PR leaders in a high-tempo, engaging Ted Talk-style conference - a face-to-face one day session streamed for members who prefer a virtual format.
Twice yearly informal networking eventMeet your peers, share experiences and best practice in face-to-face events in London.
Bespoke onboarding and objective setting sessionA one-on-one discussion where we get to understand the specific learning objectives for each PRmoment Leader.
Slack community engagementPRmoment Leaders Slack Community for ongoing peer-to-peer discussion and debate.
Dedicated community supportYour point of contact to help you get the most from PRmoment Leaders.
Mentor programmeIndependent and confidential mentoring tailored to the individual needs of each user.
Individual Skills AuditAn online self-assessment questionnaire to help highlight any skill gaps.
Access to all PRmoment’s "How To Webinar" recordings in one place.Eliminate any knowledge gaps, whenever suits you.
Digital badges for activity milestones and anniversariesHighlighting your achievements as you progress through the programme.
Member activity trackerA personal log of your activity