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Alpaca's Peter Elms explains why the skiing charity Snow Camp used drill music in its Stop. Breath.Think campaign on the PRmoment Podcast

Welcome to this week’s PRmoment Podcast.

This week we’re drilling down into one of our favourite campaigns from 2021. We’re going to look at why a charity called Snow Camp used drill music in its Stop. Breath. Think campaign.

On the show to talk us through the campaign is Peter Elms, director at Alpaca Communications, who helped put this campaign together.

It’s a really interesting piece of work into how Snow Camp, a charity with a mission to engage young people through skiing and snowboarding, ended up creating a campaign with drill music at its heart.

For background, here’s a video of how the drill artist Nito NB worked with Snow-Camp’s mindfulness counsellor Kevin Hempstead to develop the track.

And here’s the video of the track:

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Thanks so much to the PRmoment Podcast sponsors The PRCA.

Here’s a summary of what Peter and I discussed:

2 mins Peter talks us through the Stop. Breathe. Think campaign for Snow Camp.

3.30 mins How did the connection between mindfulness and drill music come about?

4 mins Why the campaign was partly driven by the need for a skiing charity to continue to be able to help young people during lockdown when (obviously) no one could go skiing!

5 mins “It’s difficult to (understand) the impact that knife crime, and the fear of it, has on young people.”

6 mins Peter talks us through the workshops he ran with young people talking about how their lives are affected by knife crime.

10 mins How music, specifically drill music, and mindfulness counselling sessions were two frequent themes from the workshops.

11 mins How the clash between violent drill music and non-violent mindfulness made the canvas of a great creative idea.

13 mins How did Alpaca find an authentic and credible drill artist to record the track?

14 mins What was the role of Linkup TV in the campaign?

16 mins How the campaign drove over a thousand mindfulness sessions for young people.

21 mins Why this was a PR campaign with very little media relations.

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