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The Top 10 PRmoment Podcasts of 2021

It's been another quite phenomenal year for The PRmoment Podcast. We’ve recorded over 40 episodes and had over 35,000 downloads of the show this year.

Thanks so much to the folks at markettiersfor helping us produce the show - you are absolute stars! And of course thanks to The PRCA for sponsoring it.

You can subscribe to the PRmoment podcast on itunes, Spotify or whichever podcast channel you prefer.

Our guests are a competitive bunch so it’s always fun to rank our most popular shows of the year, needless to say of the earlier shows have an advantage when it comes to making this list, but here you go, here are our Top 10 PRmoment Podcastsfor 2021.

1. Angie Moxham, founder and CEO of The Fourth Angel, and Sarah Perry, managing director on the PRmoment podcast

2. How to create a flexible working culture with Axicom’s Rosie Bannister and Kate Stevens

3. What should an ESG report include? Clive Booth, CEO of the ESG Foundation on the PRmoment podcast

4. Scott Wilson, President Europe & Africa at BCW Global on the PRmoment Podcast

5. Dee Cotgrove, Deputy Director Prime Minister and Cabinet Office Communications on the PRmoment Podcast

6. Have marketers over-indexed on lead-gen activity and under-invested in brand marketing over the last 10 years? Giles Peddy, CEO at Missive on the PRmoment Podcast

7. Chris Hides, managing director of The Academy on the PRmoment podcast

8. Navigating the new media landscape: fewer journalists, fewer media opportunities and more PRs!

9. The secrets of a successful virtual pitch. Jay Ward, director, Ford of Europe product communications takes the PR Pepper Challenge

10. Warren Johnson on the PRmoment Podcast: Wage inflation in PR, how WFH career tracks will be different and why W has a new head of M&A with a “long shopping list and a decent war chest.”

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