Have marketers over-indexed on lead-gen activity in the last 10 years? Asks Giles Peddy, CEO at Missive on the PRmoment Podcast

On this week's podcast we’re talking to Giles Peddy who joined Missive last year having previously been at Lewis.

We’re talking about Missive’s recent research paper which hypothesizes that brands are over-indexing on lead-gen marketing and under-investing in brand marketing.

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Here is a summary of what Giles and I discussed:

1.30 mins Why are marketers over-indexing on-demand generation activity and under-indexing on brand building activity?

4.45 mins What happens to an organization's brand and sales if it over-indexes on lead-gen at the expense of the brand?

5.30 mins and 15.15 mins Why lead-gen marketing results in linear returns, you don’t get a multiplier.

6.30 mins Why brand building creates demand and lead-gen activity hoovers up that demand.

7.30 mins Why only 5-10% of your customers are “in market at any one time”.

9 mins Is there a right mix for lead-gen vs brand-building marketing?

11 mins What suite of KPIs should marketers use for brand building and lead-gen activity?

13 mins Do we have a generation of marketers who only know how to do lead-gen marketing?

17 mins Why the mix of lead-gen and brand marketing activity is different according to the vertical sector.

19 mins How do marketers tell their CFO/CMO that although they need more lead-gen, they should do less lead-gen activity?

22 mins In reality does most marketing activation not include both lead-gen and brand building?

24 mins Giles talks about Microsoft’s brand, product and market capitalisation journey over the last 10 years.

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