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What should an ESG report include? Clive Booth, CEO of the ESG Foundation on the PRmoment podcast

On this week's podcast we’re talking to Clive Booth, CEO of the ESG Foundation.

Clive has worked in a number of agency and in-house roles, including JLL, Lansons and Lewis.

He founded the ESG Foundation in March 2020. The foundation exists to focus the attention of organisations on the importance of environmental, social impact and corporate governance behaviours.

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Also, for those of you interested in ESG, do take a look at PRmoment’s brand new ESG Awards with categories related to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We’ve talked previously on the podcast about ESG and why it’s important for PR professionals so if you’re interested in hearing more about ESG do have a listen.

Here’s a summary of what Clive and I discussed:

1.30 mins What is ESG and why is it important?

3 mins What is the role of the ESG Report in a company’s approach to ESG?

4.30 mins Has ESG killed CSR?

6 mins How will purpose and ESG co-exist?

10 mins Why ESG enables you to see under the bonnet of an organisation.

11.30 mins What is the role of PR and comms people in improving a company’s ESG performance?

12 mins “ESG is about numbers, there's no hiding place if you are inaccurately reporting your performance.”

13 mins and 16 mins Why the public relations function should be at the heart of the creation of the ESG report.

14 mins ESG is an important opportunity for the PR and comms function to demonstrate its strategic value to an organisation.

15 mins What does ESG mean for non publicly listed firms?

16 mins Who owns ESG within an organisation?

17 mins What information and company KPIs need to be in an ESG report?

19 mins Are there recognised KPIs for each of the UN’s Sustainability Goals?

21 mins How long do ESG reports need to be?

22 mins Who reads a company’s ESG report?

24 mins Why ESG KPIs are different depending on the sector.

24.30 mins Why there’s very little hiding place in an ESG report.

25 mins Clive talks us through his favourite examples of ESG reports including Hilton and Emcor Group, Microsoft and Coca Cola.

PRmoment recently launched The ESG Awards which showcase the best ESG performance in line with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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