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How to build a community: a discussion with Michelle Goodall, chief marketing officer, Guild on the PRmoment podcast

This week on the PRmoment Podcast, I’m interviewing Michelle Goodall, chief marketing officer, Guild about the techniques required to build a community, the differences between a network and a community and what are the advantages for organisations in having an engaged community.

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Thanks as ever to the PRmoment Podcast sponsors The PRCA.

Here’s a summary of what Michelle and I discussed:

1 min When we talk about a community in a business context - how are you defying that?

2 mins Michelle talks us through the 5 P’s of different types of communities

3 mins Are the characteristics of B2B communities and B2C communities different?

4 mins What’s the difference between a community and a network?

6 mins Is a reader of a website part of a community? Is someone who follows you or your brand on Twitter, or who subscribes to your newsletter part of a community?

9 mins Do organisations have one community or are they in effect a series of different communities around different interests?

11 mins Is building a community always a good idea?

13 mins How do you choose which channel to host your community on?

16 mins What is the role of content in building a community?

18 mins What are the skills required to be a good community manager?

23 mins Why are there not more community specialists working in PR?

25 mins Michelle tells us about Guild and its mobile-first, no ads approach to community building.

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