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The Future of Sustainability and Purpose Communications

Location: Online
Organiser: PRmoment Events
Price: Free

Why attend: Sustainability and purpose communications are some of the most interesting sectors of PR at the moment, both in terms of the work and the issues that sustainability communicators need to contend with. At this event, you’ll get an update on the most important issues in sustainability communications for 2024.

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A PRmoment event in partnership with PA Mediapoint

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Chairperson’s intro

Ben Smith, founder, PRmoment


Case study: Fairtrade at 30

Martine Parry, senior media lead, Fairtrade

  • A timeline of Fairtrade campaigns over the last 30 years
  • Why an optimistic tone has been key to Fairtrade’s longevity
  • How Fairtrade has taken complex issues and made them relatable
  • Why Fairtrade puts farmers and workers at the heart of its communications

Understanding sustainability across the value chain: Defining sustainability in the context of supply chain management and its broader implications for businesses

Rebecca Speare-Cole, sustainability reporter, PA Mediapoint

  • Telling stories with suppliers: Learn how to effectively communicate sustainability initiatives with suppliers to create compelling narratives that resonate.
  • Looking at the impact of the products you sell: Discover strategies for reducing the environmental footprint of products throughout their lifecycle
  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): Explore the concept of EPR and its role in mitigating products' environmental impact

The opportunity for communications in sustainability and where it’s getting it wrong

John Brown, founder, Don’t Cry Wolf

  • Why most organisation’s carbon-neutral targets will not be met
  • Is it ever likely that a shareholder economy will make the necessary changes to save the planet?
  • What sustainability comms got right and what it’s got wrong
  • Will tougher regulation stop dishonest communications?

Close of webinar