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LinkedIn as a B2B Marketing Channel

Location: Online
Organiser: PRmoment Events
Price: Early bird £45 + vat, Normal £55 + vat

Why attend: LinkedIn has become a key channel for B2B marketers, but few people are using it as effectively as they could. This seminar will show you the techniques, content platforms and strategies to improve your LinkedIn performance.

How it works: Please register via Hopin below. Once registered, you can add the event details to your calendar. We’ll also email you an order confirmation.

All delegates will be sent a password-protected recording of the event.

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Chairperson intro

Ben Smith, founder, PRmoment


Your Linkedin Algorithm update

Kinda Jackson, managing director, Digital, Social & Influencer, Brands2Life

  • What mix of content and LinkedIn channels are most effective?

  • Understanding the importance of engagement on LinkedIn

  • Can an organic content strategy still work on Linkedin?

  • When to use paid channels on LinkedIn


Using LinkedIn to build business and personal brands

Lottie Hutchins, account director, Publicis Pro

  • The power of people in building business brands
  • The ingredients for success on LinkedIn
  • Understanding the algorithm - part person, part machine!
  • Habits and behaviours impacting shareability
  • What types of content LinkedIn 'likes'
  • Paid media for brand awareness
  • Tips, tricks and 'forgotten features'

Case study: 30,000 live attendees on LinkedIn Guide to Networking's Career Talks event

Aaron Calvert, executive producer, Through The I

30,000 attendees and 3 million+ on demand views. Career Talks: A LinkedIn Live Case Study

  • Understanding LinkedIn live
  • How to make LinkedIn live work for your business
  • How to drive engagement through LinkedIn Live
  • How to increase ROI with on demand

A Publicist's Guide to Linkedin: How to Build Your Personal Profile on the Platform

Kerry Sclater, Digital account director, MHP Group

  • How to optimise and personalise a profile on Linkedin
  • How to support your businesses senior leadership team with their profile
  • Understanding the importance of personal engagement on Linkedin
  • How to use thought leadership and research content to build your LinkedIn personality
  • How to build a tone of voice that doesn't feel generic or corporate
  • What doesn’t work? How much content is too much? And when does thought leadership become mansplaining!

Webinar ends