Which business sectors do consumers want to hear from the most during the pandemic?

It might be difficult to find appropriate types of messages to send out right now, but consumers still want to hear from brands throughout lockdown claims recent from firm Opinium Research in its report: Brand marketing in a crisis: why now is not the time for silence.

Consumers expect to hear from brands, regardless of the category
Would you like to hear more or less from these types of company?

The study suggests it is a mistake for companies to scrap their marketing plans as have John Lewis and Coke, because a very large majority of people in the UK would like to hear either the same amount, or even more, from brands across categories ranging from healthcare to fashion and beauty to entertainment.

More vocal brands are perceived to have responded better
How vocal are brands and how well have they responded to the crisis?

The types of companies that consumers particularly want to hear from now are those that provide the essentials: healthcare and pharmaceuticals, supermarkets, food and drink and household goods. Yet even brands that may feel alienated from the current crisis, such as automotive, fitness/gyms and fashion and beauty, aren’t alienated from the public: the majority of whom say they are perfectly happy to continue hearing the same or more from the brands brave enough to step out.

Consumers want to hear from the front lines
Thinking about communications from brands, who would you like to hear from?

Discussing the need for brands to keep talking, Emily Dickinson, director at Opinium, says: “Our research shows that now, more than ever, consumers want brands and businesses to have a voice. Whilst it’s often difficult to know what to say or how to say it, brands shouldn’t be worried about the decision to speak up – just as before the coronavirus the public connected to brands that were differentiated and authentic, so too do they now. People want to help, they also want to be distracted and entertained. Whatever your message, there’s still room for it to be heard.”

Emailing and TV advertsing are key communications channels
How would you like to hear from brands?

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You can find the full report here.

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