Technology brands win the battle for hearts and minds

The brands that today’s consumers love best are technology brands. In a recent study, global communications firm, APCO Worldwide, highlighted 100 companies as being “champion brands” because they meet stakeholder expectations; engage customers; are authentic; and add value to society.

Tech companies score particularly highly, with the top three brands being Microsoft, Intel and Google. This shows how this sector is winning hearts and minds (as well as being highly profitable) across the world.

Explaining the success of these brands, Scott Friedman, global practice leader of APCO Worldwide’s Technology Practice says: “Tech companies are constantly engaging their stakeholders in meaningful ways, always communicating and showing how their products and services help improve society. They have often been at the forefront of corporate efforts to champion the interests of their stakeholders. Their stakeholders are in turn championing these brands, making them among the strongest corporate brands in the world.”

Rank Company
1 Microsoft
2 Intel
3 Google
4 Nestle
5 The Walt Disney Company
6 Apple
7 Philips
8 Honda
9 Sony
10 Adidas

The Champion Brand study evaluates nearly 500 of the largest public and private corporate brands globally. It found that consumers have greater expectations of companies these days and claims that they have a greater impact on their lives. They also expect them to be forces for good in society, with around two thirds of respondents (68 per cent) saying that, when evaluating companies, it is as important to know how the company operates as it is to know what it sells.

“Corporate brands are operating in an era of increased stakeholder expectations and influence; simply being well-run and profitable is not enough," said Margery Kraus, founder and CEO of APCO Worldwide. "In order to be successful, great brands must recognise that they need to go beyond trust and be champions for their stakeholders before those stakeholders will champion them. Only companies that ingrain this into their DNA can earn their place as true leaders in their industries and society.”


Top 100 Champion Brands is based on a global study evaluating the brand strength of nearly 500 of the largest public and private corporate brands. The study was conducted by APCO Insight, the opinion research group of APCO Worldwide, and the findings were first published in November 2014.

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