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Ranked: The top earning OAPs on Instagram!

Many people associate Instagram with Generation Z and Millennials, but there is an emerging wave of ‘granfluencers’ too, reminding us that age is just a number.

Recent research commissioned by found that Helen Ruth Elam (@baddiewinkle) has the highest earning potential as a granfluencer on Instagram. The daring 92-year-old with 3.7 million followers could bank a handsome £7,524 per sponsored Instagram post.

In second place is Iris Apfel (@iris.apfel). The 99-year-old fashion icon and entrepreneur could benefit from £3,271 for each sponsored post offered to her.

Nickelson Wooster (@nickwooster) is in third position. The renowned fashion consultant with 812k followers has the prospective earning power of £2,475 per sponsored post. Nick could earn £188 more than the ever-stylish Lyn Slater (@iconaccidental – £2,287), who ranks fourth.

Whilst baddiewinkle has the popular tagline of ‘stealing your man since 1928’, 58-year-old Irvin Randle (@irvinrandle) tops this in sixth place with ‘#MrStealYourGrandma’. The hip grandpa who has a following of 352k can potentially gain a cool £1,073 for a sponsored post.

Completing the top ten is the adventurous Sarah Jane Adams (@saramaijewels). The 67-year-old English jewellery extraordinaire residing in Australia could take home an estimated £591 per sponsored Instagram post.

Couple granfluencers

When it comes to couple granfluencers, Tsuyoshi and Tomi Seki (@bonpon511) are the elderly king and queen of Instagram. The trendy Japanese couple known for wearing matching outfits can potentially make £2,523 for each sponsored upload on Instagram.

Interestingly, Pauline and Geoffrey Walker (@geoffreywalk) from Leicestershire, England, can enjoy a possible financial boost of £1,108 per sponsored Instagram post. Not bad for an adorable couple in their 80s with a sizeable following of 362k from simply sharing pictures and videos of their daily life on the social media platform.

Methodology analysed data from Influencer Marketing Hub to discover the earning potential of the biggest global granfluencers through sponsored posts on Instagram. Estimated earnings data for research was collated and analysed on Friday 23 October and Monday 26 October 2020 using Influencer Marketing Hub – data is correct at the time of analysis and all earning figures within this research are estimates of the maximum potential earnings.

Estimated earnings figures for each granfluencer were primarily calculated by using a combination of these variables: number of followers, engagement rate and like to comment ratio from Influencer Marketing Hub.

Follower figures for each granfluencer was collated from their official/verified Instagram profile.

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