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It’s official (ish): Marketers are happiest workers

Smile! According to recent research you are amongst the happiest workers in the UK. The study, from One4all Rewards, claims that the marketing industry is the happiest industry in the country – with marketers, PROs and communicators rating their happiness 8.13 out of 10, which is higher than any other industry as the average happiness score is 6.81.

Happiest employment sectors in UK

  1. Marketing (8.13)
  2. Professional Services (7.52)
  3. Trades (7.41)
  4. Tourism (7.32)
  5. Education (7.12)
  6. Manufacturing (6.90)
  7. Finance (6.87)
  8. Local Government (6.79)
  9. Medical (6.79)
  10. 10.   Media Arts (6.75)

Over two-thirds (69%) of marketing workers say they are “extremely happy” in their role. And the reason for all this joy? Well, money plays an important part. Half say their remuneration is the biggest factor for their contentment. Other key reasons are the relationships workers have with their colleagues (37%) and the nature of the work that they do (31%).

Top ten reasons for job satisfaction

  1. Salary or wages - 59%
  2. The nature of the work – 35%
  3. Relationships with colleagues - 30%
  4. The workload - 24%
  5. Relationships with management – 22%
  6. Financial based bonuses – 20%
  7. The physical working environment – 15%
  8. Training opportunities – 15%
  9. Annual leave allocation – 13%
  10. Work social events – 13%

Alan Smith, UK managing director at One4all Rewards, says: “It is interesting to see how happiness levels can vary and that those working in the marketing sector are found to be the UK’s happiest workers. Despite expectations that salary is the main driver of workplace happiness, the relationships they have with their colleagues do also plays a key factor in their morale at work.

“Clearly, the marketing workforce recognises that money is not everything. In order to maintain or significantly improve morale, it is important for employers within the marketing sector to take note of what drives individuals in their workforce.”


The survey of 1,024 UK workers was carried out by One4all Rewards, and published in The 2018 Happiness Survey. It interviewed employees from different age groups, genders and industries, asking them to score how happy they are in their current roles out of 10.

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