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Who's your dream PR client?

If you could choose your dream client, one with lots of money to spend on PR obviously, which would it be? We asked around and these are the clients most deemed to be dreamy!


Chloe Walden, associate director at agency Spider PR: “I have to give credit to my incredible colleague and Spider social account manager Ailsa Russell, for this one - but my dream client (now) would be Timpson. Yes, ‘the shoe people’. But it turns out, it is so much more than that. Behind the scenes, the Timpson team does a world of good through the Timpson Foundation, including creating opportunities for those who are often marginalised by society - care leavers who haven’t been handed opportunities on a plate, and ex-prisoners who are looking to return back into society.

“If this wasn’t enough, it has a strong sustainability plan in place, openly talks about and supports colleagues with mental health in the workplace, and more. Purpose-driven PR is an area I am, as an individual, incredibly passionate about. I am fortunate to have clients I love working with. Adding to that, and working with a company where there are a myriad of threads to pull and stories to tell about the good behind the business, and being part of the process to create true societal change, is what makes Timpson a dream client.”


Georgia Savage, senior account executive at PR agency No Brainer Agency: “I’d love the opportunity to work with Crocs! Its vibrant brand has such a playful vibe, offering so many creative opportunities. What's truly admirable is its ability to transform its reputation of being the 'ugliest shoe' into a USP. With an ability to stay ahead of trends, it has fostered major partnerships with globally renowned brands like Barbie, Levi’s, and most recently, McDonald’s, creating collaborations that fans can't get enough of. Its products command attention in the media, and it is consistently making the headlines.

“A quick look into keyword trends shows a huge increase in Crocs' popularity in the last three years. I purchased my first pair earlier this year and there’s truth to the rumours - they’re super comfy! In essence, Crocs has not only defied expectations, but also become synonymous with both style and comfort, making it an exciting brand to align with.”


Mike Maynard, managing director of B2B agency Napier: “As the leader of an agency that focuses on technology, there can only be one dream client… Thermos. That company has the best technical story (and some mindblowing technology too). Thermos flasks keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. No AI to hallucinate whether the drink is hot or cold. No power-draining processors. Just a system that works magically.

“Invented whilst Queen Victoria reigned and before the first modern Olympics were held, Thermos redefines the phrase ‘proven technology’, which sometimes tech companies think means ‘worked in the lab a couple of times when the wind was in the right direction’.

“Finally, Thermos flasks are better than energy efficient: they are the ultimate no-energy product. Consuming no power they work reliably for an indefinite period of time. Surely the easiest technology product to PR in the world!”

Actor Shailene Woodley

Luana Ribeira, founder of agency Dauntless PR: “Our dream client would be Shailene Woodley who plays Tris in the movie, Divergent.

“Since Shailene inspired the name of our agency with her portrayal of Tris, it would be a full circle moment and would further highlight our values of bravery, resilience and compassion.

“As an activist, Shailene isn’t afraid to use her voice to talk about issues which matter to her. This is something which is so important to us as a PR agency.”


Jules Tipler, associate director at PR agency Influence Mobility: “I’d like to have Candela as a client. Its foiling electric boats are genuinely exciting products that could really transform the way people travel across water. Obviously, it has the halo product, the speed boat, which grabs headlines, but the ferry has the potential to be game-changing in all cites that feature a significant river or seafront.

“eMobility is an incredibly exciting industry to work in as a PR. There are new innovations and advancements on a weekly basis, so lots of exciting stories to tell. At the same time, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty around EVs in the mainstream press, often based on ill-informed sources and debunked theories. As a result, there is a significant role for PR to play in educating and helping the smooth transition to green transport and net-zero future.”

Ryanair and Aldi

Caitlin Singh, senior communications executive at PR agency Definition: “My dream client would be a toss-up between Ryanair or Aldi - but for similar reasons. These two brands continue to make their mark on social media platforms like X with their unique social presence and from a PR perspective, they are not only exciting big brands to work with, but also engage with a wide range of audiences.”

“Aldi’s clever approach to advertising has gathered it a loyal following. After its legal battle with M&S - over a caterpillar cake of all things - the way it subtly joked about this in their following adverts was genius. Its ability to make everyday products both funny and desirable is great.

“Likewise, Ryanair's tongue-in-cheek social media presence has consistently kept it in the spotlight and I’m a huge fan of its approach. Its witty responses, although sometimes controversial, would give a refreshing touch to a PR strategy.”


Darryl Sparey, managing director of marketing and comms agency Hard Numbers: “I've pitched for Salesforce’s business at my last agency and failed, which makes the desire even greater. I've used Salesforce as a sales and marketing leader in a previous role since it launched in the UK, taking it from 5 to 200 seats at Precise over 15 years ago. I used Salesforce at subsequent agencies I worked at, including Hotwire, where I rolled it out globally for sales forecasting. The happiest day of my professional life was when I went to the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco - and I've won PRmoment Awards!

"I used to go to sleep at night reorganising dashboards or contingent fields in my head. Dreamforce Conference is my happy place."

There isn’t a PR person in the UK that knows or loves Salesforce as much as I do, and with Marc Benioff as my witness, they will be a client of mine one day."

Any client who appreciates PR and their agency

Alla Lapidus, director and co-founder of PR agency ”Over the years I’ve worked with so many clients, some fantastic, some less so. My dream client understands what PR can achieve and how to use it. Clients with strong or even controversial views are wonderful to work with, as are those who respond quickly to press opportunities. Working with clients who can make decisions quickly and have something valuable to say is really helpful. I also like feedback - if I’ve done a great job, I’d love you tell me. Equally, if I’m coming up short, please let me know. It may sound obvious, but it’s great to have a client who listens and follows advice.

“My dream client would also give me plenty of notice for important news, not spring it on me at the last moment and expect unrealistic miracles. The best relationship is when we are part of the team and not viewed as an external provider.”

A client with integrity

Jane Griffin, founder and director of agency Positive Story PR Consultancy: "My dream client has integrity, is ambitious and passionate about what it does, understands the value of strategic PR - and specifically to me, runs an innovative and sustainable tech start-up, engineering or infrastructure company. Integrity is a non-negotiable as I need to be able to trust the company - and my contact - to be able to help it grow its business effectively with PR. Ambition and infectious passion are also invaluable, in terms of getting both me and others excited about their brand. So, this is what I'll be wishing for in my letter to Father Christmas this year! Not too much to ask for is it?!"

If none of the above float your boat as your dream client, feel free to tell us which brands and celebrities you would like to represent on the social media platform of your choice.

Image credit: iStock/evgenyatamanenko

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