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What PR wants for Christmas!

PRs share their Christmas lists before they send them off to Santa!

We would all love world peace and a healthy planet for Christmas, but as these are unattainable right now, we asked PRs what else they would appreciate getting under their office Christmas trees.

To start with, the admirable gift asked for is to make all external comms more inclusive, but by the end the requests become much less worthy - but easier to attain - such as plenty of ice-cold Diet Coke!

Greater inclusivity

Sharon Flaherty, CEO of creative comms agency Folk: “Wouldn’t it be great to unwrap a signed pledge from the biggest brands in the world committing to making their external comms more inclusive?

“A lot of progress has been made in tackling diversity inside organisations, but we’re light years away from brands tackling it in their external comms. That’s in part because of a fear of getting it wrong. Research shows brands want to improve representation of voices in their PR, but the worry of making a misstep is holding them back.

“To produce authentic work that makes people feel seen, heard and valued we must involve people with a variety of lived experiences in the creative process. Brands need to consult people who represent different ethnic groups, genders, abilities, sexual orientations, ages, religions and intersections of them, in the creative process to create work that is meaningful, representative and connects.

“In an ideal world, that means supporting people from under-represented backgrounds to progress careers in our field and this will take time.

“Inclusive comms isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must-have and I’m keeping my fingers crossed there will be more brands on the nice not naughty list this Christmas!”

How about a bit of appreciation?

Matt Hicks, head of strategy and content at marketing agency Lesniak Swann: “It might be difficult to fit under the tree, but for Christmas I’d like a wider appreciation of what a great career and brilliant opportunities the communications profession can offer. A typical working day might contain a mix of creativity, strategy, organisational skills and business nous - there aren’t really many jobs where you can say that.

“For some reason we hide our light under a bushel, perhaps ironically given our profession, which can mean those starting out after university or looking for an apprenticeship don’t always realise what’s on offer.”

A few more days off

Lauren Richardson, senior account executive at agency Marketing Signals: “The past couple of years have been really tough for PRs. The nature of our role is to keep up with the news and stay connected, but this can be exhausting and take a toll on our mental health. It can also be really difficult for us to actually do our jobs and break through the noise when there’s so much going on in the news too. 

“However, I think next year will continue to be a tough one. All PRs should be making sure they switch off over Christmas, and under the office Christmas tree should be the promise of a few extra days off to make the most of the holidays. Personally, I’d like a little bit of normality and stability! I’m lucky that we work a four-day week and get the whole of Christmas off, so we get a good break over Christmas ready for the New Year.”

A team trip abroad

Isobel Fisher, senior account executive at communications agency Full Fat:. "Tickets for a Full Fat team trip to somewhere hot would be so welcomed! After a hectic busy work year with life returning to ‘normality’, a reset with the team would be wicked. It’s hard to switch off sometimes with work colleagues as you naturally associate them with the job (which isn’t a bad thing), but a holiday to say.... Ibiza to have a little dance, explore and experience life would not only be amazing to connect with the wonderful humans I work with, but also to create beautiful memories that are unrelated to the fast London living work space. The PR world moves fast and we have to carve out the time to slow down and enjoy life" 

Gifts you might actually GET!

Tasty treats

Rosie Davies-Smith, founder of agency PR Dispatch: “Our communal office snack drawer at PR Dispatch HQ in Peckham is in desperate need of a restock so we are hoping to see some treats under the office tree from our lovely members! These six bars of Lucocoa chocolate, so we can each choose a favourite. Rascal Coffee would go down a treat, especially for our morning meetings. Some sweets fro,m Ask Mummy and Daddy would be great too, although probably would disappear in a week! Last but not least, some nut butter from ButterNut, to add a little excitement a team breakfast!”

Shrimp rolls

Patrick Hinchcliffe, digital PR executive at agency Salience Search Marketing: “Well, our office is adapting into a hybrid-working friendly space that allows people to come and go on days that work for them, so in that spirit I guess the dream Christmas addition would be a sushi buffet bar. Unlimited California and Tempura Shrimp rolls would have me in the office permanently.”

Ice-cold Diet Coke

Kezia Blake, social media and content co-ordinator at agency Aduro Communications: “The dream gift of any agency worker is of course unlimited days of holiday but, as a new addition to Aduro, I feel like this is a bit of a push to ask to sit under the office Christmas tree this year. However, as a self-proclaimed Diet Coke addict, if a Diet Coke tap were to be fitted into the office kitchen, this would be a true dream addition in my opinion. Much like a boiling water tap, but instead, it disperses ice-cold Diet Coke whenever you want it.“

Well Diet Coke is certainly not on MY Christmas list, quite the reverse, I would like an limitless supply of full-fat chocolates (made from organic cocoa of course). Please email if you need my address to send them to! Father Christmas seems to have got lost last year…

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