What’s the difference between a social media agency and a PR agency?

Social media has become a massive opportunity for public relations agencies and for that matter in-house public relations folks. The debate about who owns social media is an academic one and to me, a false one. In recent years we’ve seen the specialist social media agencies like We Are Social grow extremely quickly. But how much of this growth has been based on public relations activity and how much has been built on digital or advertising type activity?

I recently caught up with Eb Adeyeri, Strategy Director at We Are Social to talk about these ideas.

I asked Eb what is the main differences are between PR agencies and social media agencies – both in in terms of the type of work and the approach. We compared the skill sets in social media agencies compared to PR agencies and I also asked him whether he thinks it is possible to build a brand just using social media.
We discussed whether social media consultancy more about implementation than strategy and finally and Eb gave an insight into how he keeps abreast of the channel developments in social.


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