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What are the important data points behind an organisation’s reputation?

Welcome to the PRmoment Podcast.

This week we’re talking to Jon Rhodes, partner at BOLDT about what the important data points behind an organisation’s reputation are.

BOLDT and Mettle Capital recently released their Trust in 2021 report.

The report analysed more than 40 million conversations and pieces of content across more than 2,500 companies.

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Here’s a summary of what Jon and PRmoment founder Ben Smith discussed:

2 mins Jon explains how, with this research, like many PR people before him, he’s trying to put some science into reputation management and corporate PR.

3.30 mins “I was fed up of having the worst looking slides in the management pack”.

5 mins Why integrating bug data is the best way to understand the success of corporate PR and reputation management.

5.30 mins Jon talks about how this Trust Report uses a big data approach and is then curated against 3 standatised models: An ESG model based on SASB, The World Economic Forum’s Trust Model and a reputation model.

6.30 mins Jon explains where the source data is taken for this report.

9 mins What, according to this research, are the important numbers behind an organisation's trust?

10 mins This is a 10 year data set so Jon talks about some long term reputational trends.

13 mins Many people believe public relations has a measurement problem, but corporate PR has never really tried to measure its impact, has it?

BS: “I know corporate PR people who have never considered the idea of measuring their impact”.

17 mins Jon talks about the potential of using this data set to model and predict reputation fluctuations, specifically related to ESG data which is currently not sufficiently robust.

18 mins Jon reveals the correlation between reputation and share price: apparently “a good reputation precedes share price by about 3 months.” (Depending on the company and the sector!)

23 mins Jon discusses the 2 most dominant issues impacting trust: problem solving and the CEO.

28 mins The implications of this big data approach to measuring reputation and corporate PR.

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