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Understanding ESG: Victoria Cross, managing partner of Instinctif on the PRmoment Podcast

On the show today I'm talking to Victoria Cross, managing partner of Instinctif. There's a huge amount of discussion in the business world about the importance of ESG as an investment criteria but it is also important for communicators.

On today's show we're going to be looking at why ESG is so important for modern communications professionals.

Thanks so much to the podcast sponsors, the PRCA.

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Here’s a summary of what Victoria and I discussed:

1 mins What is ESG and why do PR professionals need to know all about it?

2 mins ESG has been around for about 20 years, why has it suddenly gained so much momentum?

3 mins How important is ESG as an investment criteria?

4 mins Is ESG only important from a financial PR perspective? Or is it a wider conversation?

5 mins and 17 mins Where does ESG stop and sustainability and purpose begin?

7 mins “ESG is a very good indicator of how well a business is being run”

8 mins How do in-house communicators approach ESG? And how interlinked are the E the S and the G?

10 mins Is governance the easiest bit of ESG to get right?

12 mins How seriously are companies taking ESG currently? Is becoming tick box exercise?

14 mins How ESG is rapidly evolving: “very quickly best practice moves on and what was differentiating six months ago becomes also-ran."

15 mins What is COP26 is going to mean for ESG this year?

16 mins How relevant is ESG for non listed companies?

20 mins What are investors looking for in ESG performance?

23 mins How can companies work out which is the best ESG standard for them?

25 mins A discussion of some of the ESG frameworks including The PRI, the UN sustainable development goals, GRI and TCFD

29 mins What is the role of a communications professional in ESG?

30 mins “Comms (professionals) sit at the intersection of an awful lot of insight.”

33 mins Why are sectors such as mining, financial services and tobacco ahead of more disruptive sectors such as tech in terms of their ESG journey?

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