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The “In Hindsight” Series: Ready 10 founder David Fraser

Ready 10 founder David Fraser is the next guest in our new In Hindsight series on the PRmoment Podcast.

In a new regular format of the PRmoment Podcast with me Ben Smith we’ll be catching up with UK public relations leaders - and our guests will share their in hindsight secrets that they wish they'd known when they started their businesses!

Today we're chatting with the founder of Ready 10 David Fraser.

Ready 10 has revenues of £4 m and 35 employees. It is a consumer PR shop based in London. Clients include McDonald's, Brewdog, Reed and Paddy Power. David founded the business about 7 years ago.

It's 5 years since David's been on the PRmoment Podcast it was David who persuaded me to launch it all those years back! So thank you, David, we now get between 5-6 thousand listeners a month, people seem to enjoy the show, so I reckon you were right!

If you haven’t taken a look already - do check out the Creative Moment Awards website, the final entry deadline is on Friday 30th June 2023

And thanks so much to the PRmoment Podcast sponsors of the PRCA.

Here’s a summary of what David and I talked about:

2 mins David tells us his in hindsight first lesson: How to position your business.

“Your positioning isn’t a fixed thing, it’s an evolving thing.”

9 mins David’s 2nd in hindsight lesson: How to push through the £1m barrier

13 mins David talks about how to extend to your business without damaging the original.

“When there’s 10, 15,25 of you (employees), the values you want to hold get lost unless you write them down and push them through the business.”

15 mins David’s 3rd lesson: The importance of values in a business

20 mins David 4th in Hindsight Lesson: When the tide goes out you can see who has been running things properly.

“We didn’t make any redundancies, we didn’t take a penny of furlough money from the government”

26.30 mins David’s 5th Lesson: You can lose everything in an instant

“I am the grandson of a holocaust survivor”

“Don’t ever think that anything is permanent, things can change in an instant, be ready for that uncertainly”

32 mins David reveals his 6th and final lesson: People (employees) always want more.

“You have to design a structure that takes them with you if you want them to grow, rather than pushes them away.”

“No one is turning up to work every day to make me (David Fraser) successful!”

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