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The Global Creativity Review for March on the PRmoment Podcast

This week we are talking creativity with a review of some of the best bits of creativity our panel has seen in the past month or so.

On the show today to help us review some of the best creative work are:

Kim Allain, creative lead, MSL
Ottilie Ross, creative director, Halpern
James Gordon-MacIntosh, co-founder and chief creative officer, Hope&Glory

This new regular episode of the PRmoment podcast will feature a rolling panel of PR creatives and in each episode our panellists will choose the favourite creative work they’ve seen recently.

This special PRmoment Podcast about creativity is, naturally enough, bought to you in partnership with Creative Moment.

Thanks as ever to the PRmoment Podcast sponsors The PRCA.

Here’s a summary of what I discussed with Kim, Ottille and James:

1.30 mins Kim talks about IKEA’s collaboration with Shelter.

Campaign: Temporary Roomsets
Client: IKEA and Shelter
Agency: Hope&Glory

“A real visual representation of temporary accommodation”

“I really like the commitment from Shelter to get 9000 more social homes built by 2030.”

9.30 mins Ottille talks us through British bike helmet manufacturer Endura's recent collaboration with The Brain Charity.

“It was a really simple campaign, super visual…backed up by research.”

Campaign: Project Heid
Client: Endura with The Brain Charity

12.30 mins Ottille talks us through the Honest Eggs Co. chickens with a pedometer campaign.

Campaign: FitChix
Client: Honest Eggs Co.
Agency: VMLY&R

15.30 mins Google Streetview marks the year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“You can switch between footage when you watch it so it shows the streets as they were before the invasion and switch to how it looks now”

Campaign: The Undeniable Street View
In partnership with United 24, Voices of Children and War Up Close
Client: Google Street View

19 mins James Gordon-Macintosh talks us through Climate Clubs Sinking Stadia campaign with Copa 90.

Campaign: Sinking Stadia
Client: Climate Clubs

“I feel like the partnership with Copa 90 was a bit mismatched...was there another platform that could have sat on? But the insight was great. ”

21.30 mins James talks about the second campaign he liked this week: A World Without Nature by WWF.

“I don’t think anyone has done a creativity session in an agency lately without ‘How shall we use AI’ coming up at some stage or another…there have been some terrible travesties that have come out of the creative industry as a result of that question being answered badly but WWF came up with quite a cute one.”

"The work was wonderfully bleak…in a way that was compelling.”

Campaign: A World Without Nature
Client: WWF
Agency: Brave Bison

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