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The Global Creativity Review for April on the PRmoment Podcast

This week we are talking creativity with a review of some of the best bits of creativity our panel has seen in the past month or so.

On the show today to help us review some of the best creative work are:

  • Lora Martyr, creative director, Taylor Herring
  • Daniel Glover, co-founder & creative director, The Academy
  • Indy Selvarajah, chief creative officer, Global Markets, Ketchum

This is the second episode of our now newish monthly global creativity review on the PRmoment podcast.

Each month we will feature a rolling panel of PR creatives and in each episode our panellists will choose the favourite creative work they’ve seen recently.

This special PRmoment Podcast about creativity is, naturally enough, bought to you in partnership with Creative Moment and I’d highlight the Creative Moment Awards which are now open for entries, the final entry deadline is Friday 30th June.

I’d also encourage you to check out this week’s Good and Bad PR. One fun story from this week is about a river in Cumbria called the Swindale Beck. Over 200 years ago the locals cut out the meanders and made the river straight, to increase the footprint of the farmland.

But the move killed all the fish that had happily swam up and down the river up until that point. The straightening had made the water flow faster and the fish could no longer survive.

So the RSPB and United Utilities and their friends have “re-wiggled” the river and the fish have come back and nature is at one with itself once again.

A beautiful story to end on and our dear friends at Meltwater have been in touch to put some data behind this PR wonderfulness - unsurprisingly the word fish dominated the top positive keywords and there were 3.2 thousand engagements of the story on social channels. Do check out this week’s Good and Bad PR for all the background.

Thanks as ever to the PRmoment Podcast sponsors The PRCA.

Here’s a summary of what PRmoment founder Ben Smith discussed with Lora, Indy and Dan

4 mins Indy Selvarajah tells us why he loves the Ravi Superstar Adidas collab.

“The campaign is built on a lovely human insight from an immigrant community”

“It’s beautifully crafted - it’s got that beautiful key visual you can use across all channels”

“This is about integration, about seeing something that lives across everything.”

“The best campaigns I see are those that are crafted within an inch of their life”

“This is a campaign where Adidas start to feel like an underdog again”

13 mins Dan Glover talks us through 3 of his favourite recent campaigns:

Ford recreates the 100-year-old story of Aloha Wanderwell’s pioneering drive around the world in a Ford Model T, this time with travel influencer Lexie Alford behind the wheel of a Ford all-electric Explorer launch.

“By going back into the archives you can find a decent idea and re-interpret it for today”

15 mins Dan also talks about Penguin’s Book vending machine

16 mins How the “Penguin incubator” a vending machine was bought back to life for Exeter’s City of Literacy festival.

Dan reviews the latest version of Marmites Love it or Hate it - The Marmite Baby Scan campaign.

“Someone’s lightbulb went off and thought it would be great to record the reaction of baby's to Marmite”

“'Love it or hate it' is so well trodden and coming up with a new iteration of that feels fresh feels admiral”

“The PR agency and the ad agency have tried very hard t make it as real as possible”

26 mins Lora reviews the story of Blackpool Zoo getting someone to dress up as (we think) an eagle to scare away the seagulls

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