Podcast: Life stories with Threepipe’s Jim Hawker

In the latest of a series of podcasts with PR industry leaders in the UK PRmoment founder Ben Smith recently interviewed Threepipe owner Jim Hawker.


Here is a taster of what Jim and Ben discussed:

  • How a degree in environmental sciences lead to a career in PR for Jim!!

  • Why Jim lived on a double-decker bus for a year in Canada.

  • Why he set up Threepipe

  • What was it that gave him the confidence to set up a business?

  • Whether a knowledge of military history has helped his PR career!

  • Why Jim gets frustrated with the public relations sector

  • Why the merger a digital business and then an SEO business has changed his perception of what a public relations agency should do.

  • Who is buying public relations?

  • Why Google made Threepipe merge with an SEO agency

  • Why a content lead approach to digital performance marketing is critical

  • Why analytical experts and a performance mindset is absolutely key in modern public relations

  • Jim identifies his lessons on the integration of an SEO agency, a digital agency and a PR agency

  • The culture differences between digital SEO and PR people

  • What coordination between earned and paid content campaigns looks like on an hour by hour basis

  • How Threepipe’s merger and restructuring has a merger has impacted the growth of Threepipe

  • Why the last 18 to 24 months have seen the budget and client expectations of PR agencies change massively

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