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Nicky Regazzoni, co-founder of the PR Network, on the PRmoment Podcast

This week I'm catching up with Nicky Regazzoni, co-founder of the PR Network, talking us through her career story in public relations.

For those of you that are not aware, Nicky launched the network 15 years ago with Georgina Blizzard. The PR Network now has a fee income of £3.8 million and recorded an impressive 13 percent growth in 2020. Clients include Purple Bricks and Snapchat. These days the PR Network is a multi specialist agency.

Thanks as ever to the PRmoment Podcast Sponsors, the PRCA.

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03.11 mins How The PR Network has navigated the last 10 months.

07.50 mins Why the PR Network’s strategy of working internationally with clients really paid off during lockdown.

09.35 mins Nicky outlines The PR Network’s model of having a core team and individual and agency partners across a virtual model.

15.30 mins In a remote working environment how do you find a balance between creativity and productivity?

17.50 mins How do you set and retain a business culture in a virtual business?

21.00 mins In a virtual set up we all have got used to spending a lot more time alone - Nicky talks about ways to decrease lonely working.

23.00 mins How to work with clients you’ve never met.

25.00 mins How it’s very difficult to create energy in a virtual pitch.

28.00 mins How have Nicky and her business partner Georgina Blizzard kept their relationship fresh?

29.00 mins Why job sharing is under utilised in public relations.

31.00 mins Why the experience of running The PR Network through Covid has meant a restructure of the senior team, with Nicky and Georgina taking on new more hands-on roles.

33.00 mins What’s the growth strategy for The PR Network?

35.00 mins Why virtual doesn’t mean you’re always working at home (in a non-lockdown world)

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