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Jenny Halpern, founder and CEO of Halpern, on the PRmoment Podcast

Welcome to the PRmoment Podcast.

On the show today is Jenny Halpern, founder and CEO of Halpern. Today we are talking about PR in the cost of living crisis

Halpern has a fee income of £5m. It's a consumer PR firm based in London. It was founded in 1993 by Jenny.

Halpern is owned by The&Partnership, which is part owned by WPP.

Jenny sold to business in 2013 to what has become The &Partnership.

Clients include The Co-Op, Unilever and Headspace.

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Here’s a summary of what Jenny and I discussed:

2 mins Jenny gives us a brief insight into Halpern's story.

4 mins Jenny’s earn-out is long since finished - she talks about why she hasn’t exited the business.

5.30 mins The intersection of publicity, influencer marketing and consumer PR - have they all become the same thing?

“Affiliate marketing has changed the nature of our game (PR) - that is the reason PR) now sells more…consumer PR has become a direct sales channel because of affiliate marketing.”

9 mins What is the role of a consumer PR firm in the influencer, influencer agency and brand triangle?

11.30 mins How influential is media coverage on consumer sales, compared to influencer channels?

18 mins How is the cost of living crisis impacting the PR and communications of brands?

23 mins What did the great resignation look like for PR firms?

26 mins What are the most popular training courses Halpern runs for its employees?

27 mins Jenny talks about 2 charities she has helped found - the Lady Garden Charity and Access Aspiration.

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