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Iain Anderson, Executive Chairman at Cicero/AMO discussing "Covid-19: The media, the politics, and the communications" on the PRmoment podcast

Welcome to the latest podcast with Iain Anderson, Executive Chairman at Cicero/AMO.

We’ve put our life stories podcasts on pause as they just don’t feel appropriate at the moment - so today Iain and I are going to be talking about Covid 19: The media, the politics, and the communications.

Here is a summary of what Iain and I talk about:

Iain tells us how he's finding it as a business person working through the Covid-19 crisis.

[00:02:46] How as a PR professional Iain feels privileged and fortunate to be able to continue to work, as there are plenty who don't have that luxury at the moment.

[00:03:35] What sort of challenges are Iain's clients facing currently?

[00:04:55] How PR firms, since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, have become centres of constant communication for employees - with almost back to back video calls and it's become pretty intense!

[00:05:10] Why there's a real hunger to be able to continue to make business happen in the UK.

[00:06:28] How clients have settled into this new way of working.

[00:06:57] As a citizen of London Iain reflects on how the city has changed over the past month.

[00:11:12] Why this has been by far the most difficult crisis period of Iain's career.

[00:11:28] How politicians, the regulators and businesses have all made mistakes during this crisis - because we're all human.

[00:13:49] How, in communications terms, Iain believes the “fairest assessment of the government’s response is that they have picked up speed."

[00:16:04] How some of the major tech giants. "have been pretty muscular in removing (Covid-19) fake news off their platforms"

[00:20:30] How Asia-Pacific China is recovering and has been able to get back to work.

[00:21:34] How our media consumption habits have changed now we're all working from home.

[00:25:03] With the Labour leadership result this weekend, does Iain see the cross political party unity holding?

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