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How PR firms can recover fast from the pandemic

On the PRmoment Podcast this week we’re talking to Tony Langham, co-founder and CEO of Lansons. Tony and PRmoment founder Ben Smith discuss the findings of a recent report Tony edited: How PR firms can recover fast from the pandemic.

The report is a series of 250 word pieces of advice from (mostly) PR leaders from all around the world.

1.00 min Tony tells us how the "‘How to Recover Fast from the Pandemic" report came about.

3.00 mins Why the report is perfect toilet reading material!

4.00 mins Tony summarises the report's findings. 

4.30 mins Why a spirit of positivity in public relations is one of the great things coming out of the report.

7.55 mins The report predicts that the leaders who invest in technology and their people will come out of the Covid-19 crisis most successfully.

8.30 mins The impact of Covid-19 on the shape of PR firms. 

8.45 mins Why corporate PR is back!

9.00 mins The need for collaboration: Why the era of being the only agency of record for clients, especially for smaller independent firms, is probably over.

12.00 mins Why the skills of communicators have become paramount for business.

12.30 mins Why communications must be about deeds and words.

13.00 mins Why Tony is sure PR, as a sector, will have performed better than the global economy during the crisis.

13.30 mins Why PR became very important to certain organisations during the crisis.

14.00 mins Covid-19 has demonstrated that good communications can save lives and bad communications can cost lives.

15.00 mins How can public relations retain its improved profile and identity within organisations coming out of the pandemic?

16.00 mins Has the pandemic changed the way Tony will lead Lansons?

16.30 mins How working for the PRCA has improved Tony as a leader.

18.00 mins Why remote working has actually made Tony more accessible to Lansons employees.

20.00 mins How the Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated that change is possible quicker than we all previously thought!

22.00 mins Why society is likely to go through a post Covid-19 bitterness stage next year.

23.00 mins What does Tony want PR professionals to take from the report.

24.00 mins How reading the report can increase the breadth of your PR horizons.

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