Brands on social this Christmas

As Christmas is creeping up on us I decided to take a look at what some of our well-known brands have been doing to connect with their audience in this busy and over saturated season.

With the changes both within technology and communication channels increasing and becoming more obvious, new forms of Christmas campaigns have been seen. From social media only strategies to online interactive adverts the brands are going all out for 2013.

Here are some examples:

Marks and Spencer’s goes social

Marks and Spencer’s are known for their fantastic Christmas campaigns. This year they decided to do something a little different.

Instead of debuting the trailer for their ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspired ad on prime time TV they decided to use the power of social media. The teaser trailer was broadcast on Instagram and was not broadcast anywhere else, something M&S have never done before. It then used YouTube to debut the full ad, again a first for M&S.

They continued the social theme by starting a competition for people to name the Yorkie dog featured in the ad. Interactive, social and engaging.

Waitrose stays put

Waitrose stuck to a tried and tested strategy – Storytelling. Using their ‘gift for giving’ campaign they ensured a story was told, while sending out a specific message connected to Waitrose as a brand.

Sainsbury’s goes long

Sainsbury’s also opted for a known strategy, but a strategy that all depends on your budget. By using quality long form content they achieved endurance and offered a large variety of options to use on social media.

Love Magazine gives a little treat

Love Magazine has put a great modern twist on an old Xmas tradition – The Advent Calendar.

Each day readers can visit the official site, click on the date and get a Christmas inspired video from one of their favourite celebrities. This is targeted to their reader by using particular celebrities, and in a style and tone that fits with the magazine. It also offers a glimpse of what they are offering for 2014 inspiring long term sales for the coming year.

Apple kills two birds with one stone

Apple has integrated their Christmas campaign with the launch of a couple of new products. The emotive video features a young a boy celebrating Christmas with his family while using his iPhone 5 at every opportunity.

At the end the boy turns on Apples new AirPlay TV while sat with his relatives and the home film he has produced through his phone begins to run. It is Christmas inspired, it uses the Apple ‘Improves peoples lives’ motto while showing the capabilities of a new product.

O2 & John Lewis do interactive very well

Interactivity is key! O2 has created a Christmas themed interactive ad for online TV viewing that is connected to their already successful and well-known ‘Be more Dog’ campaign. The ad gives you the chance to pick what story out of three you want to watch ensuring the audience is engaged.

While John Lewis has added to their majorly popular #BearAndHare ad by offering their audience the chance to do their own version of the song, with the opportunity of your version being played on the ad on Christmas day if you win. See below for the winning entry. This has made the campaign a hit on broadcast, online and social. The retailer also collaborated the release of the ad with the long awaited comeback of pop star Lilly Allen who is the voice behind the ad, only adding to the coverage.

Costa gets snapping

Costa launched a multimedia competition to encourage their customers to buy a coffee and get one of their new Christmas cups. The customer had to take a festive picture of themselves holding the cup, upload it and then hope to win some great prizes. Simple.

Coca-Cola designs jumpers

Alongside their other Christmas campaigns, Coca-Cola also got their audience involved this year by giving them a chance to design their very own Christmas jumper online, and if their jumper was picked as the best it would be made and sent to them.

Here is one of the winning designs:


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