An update from the global ICCO PR Summit: Hear from Francis Ingham, Barbara Bates and new president of ICCO Nitin Mantri

Here's a special PRmoment podcast from the ICCO Global Summit in Lisbon featuring interviews with ICCO CEO Francis Ingham, global CEO of Hotwire Barbara Bates, and new president of ICCO and group CEO Avian WE in India Nitin Mantri.

On the podcast we cover global public relations trends, whether PR has an ethics problem and focus on Nitin's plans for his two-year stint as ICCO president.

Here's a flavour of what we discussed:

Francis Ingham

[00:00:32] What is ICCO?

[00:00:39] Do we really need a trade body for PR trade bodies?

[00:01:28] Whether we are now entering a period of a two-speed global PR market?

[00:02:03] How PR people globally identify the same challenges: Talent, proofing the value of what they do and ethics.

[00:02:29] Whether PR has a greater mental health problem than the rest of society?

[00:03:37] Why over-servicing and poor evaluation are linked to mental health issues in PR.

[00:04:20] Whether PR has an ethics problem.

[00:07:15] The global gender pay gap in public relations.

Barbara Bates

[00:08:12] Why PR must protect and defend its big ideas.

[00:08:37] How many people in the PR agency world see "themselves as servants rather than a service".

[00:09:35] Barbara Bates discusses the central difference in how creativity is sold from an ad agency objective to a PR agency – and whether PR giving its ideas away for free, creates a perception of low value in the minds of clients.

[00:10:28] How PR agencies need to be better at presenting and selling big creative ideas

Nitin Mantri

[00:11:11] Why Nitin Mantri becoming the new president of ICCO shows the international footprint of the organisation.

[00:11:35] Nitin Mantri discusses his agenda for his two-year term as president of ICCO.

[00:14:19] Nitin talks about the challenges of running a modern PR firm where you have to merge different types of skills into one business – from writers, to videographers, to designers, etc.

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