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AI in public relations: Will PR people be replaced by machines?

This week on the PRmoment Podcast we’re talking to Alex Warren about his book Spin Machines - which asks the question “Can PR be replaced by AI?

As well as writing his book Alex is also a senior account director at Wildfire PR.

On the show, Alex talks about whether an algorithm can devise a PR strategy? Can a robot brainstorm a creative campaign? Can artificial intelligence write persuasively, spin stories or even pitch to journalists?

These are the questions Alex poses in his book Spin Machines which is described as an investigation into the changing nature of PR, the future of agency life and the role that machines will play in an industry built on human relationships.

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Thanks as ever to the PRmoment Podcast sponsors The PRCA.

Here’s a flavour of what Alex and PRmoment founder Ben Smith discuss:

2 mins Alex talk us through what his book Spin Machines is all about?

3.30 mins What are the lessons to be learnt from marketing automation, when it comes to the use of AI in PR?

4.30 mins The book focuses on the extent machine learning and AI can replace the creative PR brain, not merely the automation of repetitive tasks.

6 mins What bits of PR are most likely to be automated first?

8 mins How does an AI tool write creatively?

12 mins Can an AI tool be creative? Or is that an oxymoron!

13 mins Big C and small c creativity: How much of what PR people do today is truly creative?

14 mins Do you think PR people have underestimated the extent to which they are likely to be replaced by automated AI tools?

18 mins What are the data sets at the foundation of PR that AI tools can use to predict outcomes?

19 mins Alex explains the ketchup effect and why it’s relevant when discussing the use of AI in PR.

21 mins How will AI change the PR agency model?

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