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The Ecommerce Excellence Awards: What the judges are looking for in a winning entry

Read what the Ecommerce Excellence Awards judges are looking for in a winning submission. The deadline to submit your award winning entry is Friday 27 May.

Download the entry kit to find out everything you need to know

“It’s never been more important to adopt an agile and testing methodology and I will be looking for brilliant creative approaches that deliver impactful results.”
Jim Hawker, co-founder, Threepipe Reply

“There has been a significant acceleration in ecommerce transformation over the past two years, and for a winning entry, I am looking for those who have put the consumer at the heart of their ecommerce journey design, delivering seamless, frictionless user experience that goes beyond the post-Covid standards we have come to expect.”
Liz Salway, global audience & data lead, Nestle

“The pandemic has caused an unprecedented shift to ecommerce that has never been seen before. I am looking forward to seeing the innovations that have put brands at the forefront of their space, how small businesses have fought to compete against their bigger competitors and where the future of ecommerce is heading.”
Andy Barr, co-founder, 10 Yetis

“I am looking for clear insights that come from data or good customer understanding, which lead to a solution that delivers on the campaign goals. The ecommerce space is facing so many challenges and opportunities at the moment, coming out of the pandemic, from supply chain issues to changing consumer behaviours. I am looking forward to judging solutions in this space over the past year.”
Jasdeep Mondae , director of demand generation, Performics, Starcom

“When it comes to a winning entry I’m looking for the surprising, the unexpected, and the idea that gives me that ‘aha!’ moment.”
Julie Walker, ecommerce consultant, Bensons for Beds

“The best campaigns move the dial and/or improve the bottom line – in short they make a tangible and demonstrable difference to a business, be it from a brand, reputation or leads and sales perspective. I’m looking for a ‘I wish I had thought of that’ campaign concept that resonates with the target audience underpinned by robust insights. And let’s not forget that the results must clearly correlate with the objectives!”
Bev Aujla, head of PR & policy, Kelkoo Group

"Sustainability and profitability are not best bedfellows but I hope we can be inspired by some of the entries with this in mind. Equally how businesses are putting the digital tools in e-commerce to work will be a critical factor in identifying the winners.”
Rupert Staines, managing partner, Incubeta

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