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PR Stunt Watch: Dame Helen Mirren is Barbie's role model and Monica Lewinsky's Reformation

Credit: Dame Helen Mirren gets a Barbie, credit Mattel

This stunt watch – I wanted to make this all woooo women rule, Happy International Women’s Day, with great campaign after campaign of work celebrating women, but frankly, there are a lot of brands that thought they weren’t going to focus on that sentiment – and if they did… I just didn’t see it or get the reference.

But there were two I loved – and so will share.

Women I see you even if a lot of brands did not. Onwards to this week’s stunt watch.

Do better PR.

Or Kim.

Or both.

Mattel, ‘Barbie role model’

So firstly, onto the brands that did remember – and of course, we have Barbie. After a year of Barbie taking over – showing women they can do anything and be whatever they want to be. Making being a pink girly totally okay. And then showcasing how patriarchy sucks out every bit of fun by saying the director and Barbie herself was not Ken-ough at awards season (yes, I’m still salty) – Barbie has honoured its official Role Model Dame Helen Mirren. As part of IWD celebrations and Barbie's 65th Anniversary, they have created a one-of-a-kind doll created in Dame Mirren’s likeness in celebration of her decades of work, telling women’s stories across generations.

Simple. Sweet. And I no longer criticise Barbie so I have nothing more to add.

Monica Lewinksy Reclaims her Dress

Oh yes she did. And this is less of a IWD thing and more of a “hell yeah girl – you do you” political moment.

Monica Lewinsky has lent her notoriety to have cut through for fashion brand, Reformation, in a campaign that is urging people to vote, in what is the maybe the most divisive and maybe even scary US election. And cut through it did.

Let me be the first to say Ms Lewinsky is iconic – and in a new generation of women who are fully aware of the way women have been shamed and blamed for the transgressions of men, she has found her place. I mean Beyonce has even bragged her husband “Monica Lewinsky’ed” all on her gown! Women are fully aware and proud of women’s sexual power as well as not allowing men to own the narrative and shape it to a patriarchal view.

This campaign does just that.

Taking Lewinsky and clothing she was shamed for and transforming it into a moment and a movement to try and stop a potential “predator” (my words used) from getting in the Whitehouse.

We can’t forget that those outfits also are serving LEWKS and giving everything it needed to give.

This week's PR Stunt Watch was written by Kim Allain, creative lead at MSL UK.

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