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How PR can navigate the global recession

The recent SPARK EMEA Live event gathered 100 CMOs, CCOs and Brand gurus at Tate Britain with still more viewing the event online. We brought together the biggest and brightest minds from businesses, including Google, The Financial Times and Zendesk, to share experiences on navigating the stormy waters of the unfolding global recession.

Three key points resonated:

People in a room are like ‘lightning in a bottle’

As three-dimensional living breathing souls, magical things happen when we come together. When sparks fly, ideas bloom and as humans, we thrive. More than this, we energise and reassure each other.

Group discussion builds belief, bringing hope and opportunity. The stories we heard showed if you’re not looking for opportunities with as much gusto as you are taking cover, you might well be missing the point.

Whilst context shifts, human truths remain timeless

Whether we are talking about Generative-AI, ESG or Algorithm Autonomy we should know by now that what matters to us as individuals and society are the same through time. It’s the shared human truths that unite us.

Yet whilst so many from the marketing mix made their presence felt at our summit, the fifth annual TEAM LEWIS Global Marketing Engagement Index told us a different story. The report showed that in the past year 75% of leaders within Fortune 500 companies have not been present on social media. Meanwhile, more companies suffered comms crises and also slashed their content.

So, when we’re so clearly excited and stimulated by new ideas, when facts matter but beliefs matter more, and emotions drive decision-making - how are we supporting each other?

A spark is more than an idea, it’s the exchange of something useful

Networking has had a hard rap over the years, but at its best, it's about expanding relationships, knowledge, and new connections - asking the right question and listening with intent and purpose.

Today, business communities must live and breathe beyond LinkedIn pages - being in more than one place to show off medals, trophies, and awards. Business communities need to help each other. So, as a highly sociable profession, we can network our way through - opening doors for each other, sharing things that have value and meaning and exchanging ideas and creating opportunities.

The most engaging brands in the world


TEAM LEWIS analysed the top 300 companies from the ‘Forbes Global 2000: The World’s Largest Public Companies’ list. This compilation is an industry benchmark recognized to have an authoritative and trusted methodology. Download the Global Marketing Engagement Index 2022 here.

Written by Sarah Ogden, managing director of PR agency TEAM LEWIS

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