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Good and Bad PR: April fool round up

How was your Easter April Fool’s Day? Fall for any pranks? Or were you one of those evil parents who wrapped up grapes for their kids in foil and pretended they were chocolate? Cruel! Here is our round up of the best pranks we saw, and one prank that fell very flat (or should that be flat-pack?).

More fool us!

Burger King
A flame-grilled chocolate patty, raspberry syrup, white chocolate rings, candied blood oranges, milk chocolate leaves and vanilla frosting sandwiched between a chocolate cake bun. I mean, doesn’t that just sound like the best thing ever, especially with it having just been Easter?

I’m honestly gutted that this one is an April Fool’s – if you watch the video, I promise you’re going to be so hungry and wanting to buy the real thing!

Just a few months ago, over the Christmas period, a girl was pictured at the end of a night out wearing McDonald’s bags as shoes, carrying her heels in her hand. We’ve all been there; we know how painful heels are at the end of the night, but this is genius.

For April Fool’s, Primark announced that it was launching its ‘hotly anticipated’ capsule collection inspired by its brown paper bags. With prices starting at just £3, the collection consists of handbags, umbrellas, heels and T-shirts.



Sunday saw Tefal’s big announcement that it was launching the Toast ‘n’ Avo. Whilst it looked like an almost toaster, there was the added feature of an avocado tree plant pot attached to the side – where, presumably, you could plant some of Jack’s magic beans and grow a fresh new avocado every single day.



Google’s Where’s Wally?
Whether you choose to call him Waldo or Wally is irrelevant, Google knows how much we all love searching for the man himself and decided to have a little fun by turning Google Maps into a fun interactive game of Where’s Wally? – and it wasn’t just for April Fool’s Day, it’s for the entire week!

Once you click ‘play’, you’re taking through to the Andes Mountains in Chile where you can find Wally. Once you’ve found him, you can choose to find his friends too or skip to the next level. The second location is Surfer’s Paradise Beach in Australia and the third is PyeongChang Olympic Stadium in South Korea. I gave up here. I have no issue finding Wally and three of his friends, but couldn’t for the life of me find his dog!

It alredy makes the world’s best ketchup and mayonnaise*, so many weren’t surprised to hear that Heinz had been working hard behind the scenes on a top-secret [Seriously] Good Chocolate Mayonnaise.  

I’m not entirely sure in what world you’d need chocolate mayonnaise, but I’ve seen and heard of people eating weirder!

 * This is totally my opinion.

Coke is known for constantly bringing out new designs and new flavours, and for April Fool’s Day the company announced that it was launching three new flavours to the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar range: Avocado, Sourdough and Charcoal.

The company claimed tit had “listened to millennials” and these were the flavours that came out on top!

I might have bought it if it weren’t for the charcoal flavour.

More fool them!

Not all April Fool’s day pranks went down a treat though…

French IKEA fail
Caroline Cayeux, a French mayor, shared the news that IKEA was going to be launching in her town of Beauvais, creating an additional 4,000 jobs. Just a few hours later, on her social media, she confessed that it was just a prank.

If she hadn’t boasted about the additional jobs, maybe this would’ve gone down a little better. As it was, many residents were totally peeved and hit back.

 Written by Samantha Summers, 10 Yetis
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