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Howard Kosky discusses podcasts on The PRmoment podcast

In a special PRmoment podcast I talk to Howard Kosky, CEO of 4DC, the recently launched podcast consultancy.  

In a wide-ranging conversation about podcasts, here is a summary of what Howard and I discussed:

  • Why the rise in podcast popularity is linked to the continued popularity of radio 0.50 mins
  • Whether the rise of podcasting is linked to consumers getting screen fatigue 1.42 mins
  • The trend of narrowcasting 2.20 mins
  • That 11% of UK adults listen to a podcast each week, average hours listening is just over 3.5 hours each week 3.15 mins
  • How the use of podcast in the UK has increased from 3.2 million adults to 5.9 million adults a week according to Ofcom's figures 3.45 mins
  • What does a podcast need to be successful? 5.55 mins
  • What are the opportunities for brands within podcasting as a channel 7.44 mins
  • Why it’s important not to underestimate the amount of production required to launch a podcast 8.35 mins
  • Should brands appear on their own podcasts, or partner on another podcast? 10.25 mins
  • Howard gives an insight into the “in play” opportunities in the US podcast market 11.40 mins
  • Why brands must be brave and committed to successfully launch a podcast 12.10 mins
  • Why poorly produced podcasts can negatively affect your brand 13.25 mins
  • What type of brands should and should not produce podcasts 14 mins
  • How 49% of under 35 years olds in the UK listen to podcasts 14.25 mins
  • How the ease of access to podcasts has been an important part of their growth 15.20 mins
  • Why promotion of a podcast is the critical element of podcast production 16.10 mins and 19.08 mins
  • The average listenership of podcasts in the UK is 3.5 hours a week, radio is at about 22 hours a week (UK adult average) 17.05 mins
  • The average dwell time on a podcast is over 20 mins 17.25 mins
  • How consumers are interacting with podcasts as a channel 18 mins
  • Howard tells us about his favourite podcasts 21.04 mins
  • Why brands normally require a lifestyle content strategy, not a product content strategy, for podcasts 24.50 mins and 28.05 mins
  • How consumers search for podcasts 22.15 mins and 29.38 mins
  • Which brands should not produce a podcast 26.30 mins
  • How podcast charts influence a consumer’s choice of podcasts 30.35 mins
  • Why how many downloads a podcast has is often a false metric 32 mins
  • How brands can grow their podcast listenership 33.20 mins
  • Why many of the best podcasts include comedy 33.40 mins
  • How far brands are able to push podcast content depending on their tone of voice 36.15 mins
  • Why the PR sector needs to be careful about how they produce podcasts 39 mins
  • Whether brands can experiment with podcasting as a channel, or whether they need to go all in 41.40 mins

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