Latest pulse shows how PR and comms agency leaders are prioritising new business

Accelerating growth is the perennial aim of any agency. As 2023 moves into its last few months, to achieve this, leaders are counting on a “combination of activity”. This is according to the latest PR and Comms Growth Tracker that pulses agency CEOs, MDs and board directors for their views.

Invest in existing clients

Over half (54%) see value in investing in their current client base and generating referrals from there. One founder noted that “word of mouth - particularly from established clients with whom we have positive relationships already [was] the best way to generate work.” It’s good to know that trusted relationships have a place at the heart of modern business.

When it comes to accelerating growth for your agency, which one of these, if any, do you rely on?

"Word of mouth - particularly from established clients with whom we have positive 23% relationships already - is 15% always the best way to 8% generate work."

Generate leads

In contrast, a perhaps surprisingly low 15% run marketing campaigns to generate leads with only 8% of CEOs opting to coach their account leads to become “better sales people”.

Maybe it is better to consider this topic in a more lateral context. One CEO commented that: “It is about the long game: networking, cultivating relationships, building your profile”. Another said it comes down to “all of the actions (as) essential components of driving growth in the agency.”

Trial and test

So going back to the point around a combination of approaches, this CEO summed up their growth strategy as - “well-planned organic growth programmes and targeted new sales campaigns”.

Let’s face it, trialling and testing a variety of options will tell you what’s working and what’s not.


The PR and Comms Growth Tracker questioned around 350 PR and comms agency leaders based in the UK and Internationally

Article written by Imogen Osborne, founder of The Pulse Business

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