Why you must be unfaithful in PR

Sometimes I hate myself, well, actually, quite often. Today I feel bad because I have cheated on my client, by courting a bigger, better brand who works in the same sector. I hate being disloyal, but there are times when it is unavoidable working in PR.

Here is my guide to being unfaithful to those you care about:

1. Clients. You need clients, of course, but bigger ones are better. So what do you do when you work for a small-time cat-food manufacturer and Whiskas comes knocking on your door? You can’t ditch your first client straight away, so there will be clandestine meetings with your potential new “sexy” client until you decide what to do. And of course you will decide to drop the client who makes you least profit.

2. Your boss. Ever had to sneak out of your office to have a secret interview? If not, why not? There is no point being loyal to any employer, they will never be that loyal to you.

3. Media outlets. You are thrilled to have secured coverage with Manure Weekly – that is until The Daily Mail starts “sniffing” at the story. If the Daily Mail wants it, then you will just have to “dump” the manure title. Please feel free to add your own “shit” puns.

4. Your partner. I mean your real partner, the one you love. I am not suggesting, perish the thought that it is ever defensible to cheat on your husband or wife. However, there may be times when you have to cover up the truth about what you have been up to. For example, that fun, wild night out you had with your colleagues, isn’t it more polite to describe it as an “unavoidable work do”?

5. Your company. I confess, I have done freelance work at my desk, which I should really have done in my own time. But when no one’s looking, it’s just too tempting to get my freelance work done at work, rather than ruin my home life.