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Why party political PR sucks!

I am what could be termed a floating voter, although before all this electioneering started I knew exactly what to vote. Now all the parties have put me off them! Here is why I am sick of party political PR.

1. Cringey tweets. The MPs’ tweets and Facebook updates make me wince. I am not sure electioneering on social media should be allowed. Maybe all political leaders should be thrown off these sites, who wants to sign up to #BanMPsfromTwitter?

2. That debate. The debate itself was as you‘d expect, but any  positive messages that came out of it were lost by the ridiculous way each party tried to make out their leader had shone the brightest.

3. Spin. The way the leaders’ advisers are trying to spin everything is so blatant it has the opposite effect (well I hope it is the leaders’ advisers, if it is the leaders themselves, then this country really is in trouble).

4. Animal/children photo opportunities. Having the abilities to pet a lamb and chat to a child are not intrinsic to good leadership are they?

5. Door stepping. I might be guilt-tripped into buying some cleaning materials from a “struggling” youth on my doorstep, but I am not going to be persuaded to change my vote.

6. Cold calling. Surely all PR people know by now that cold calling is not a good idea? So how come all the 18 year olds I know are getting desperate phone calls from political parties? And all the 18 year olds I know are hating these calls.

7. Bad media training. When an MP continually avoids answering a question in order to deliver a prepared soundbite this just sounds contrived, not convincing.

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