What do all your tweets say about you?

Are you a must-read tweeter or a Twitter bore? Which Twitter personality are you?

The frustrated politician – If you feel that strongly about politics – stand for parliament! Political issues are normally pretty complex and require more than 140 characters. As a result most political Tweets I see are very biased one way or the other and the rule of the mob normally engulfs any potentially interesting argument. Which makes the whole thing pretty pointless.

The failed comedian – I was having a pint with my (only) friend the other day and I happened to say something vaguely amusing. He then asked me if he could Tweet this line to his followers, as himself. What a tosser!

The EGO – I have a loathing of self-appointed influencers. Their incessant blog posts and Tweets about god knows what, grate after a while. And who pays the bills? Believe me, there is no money in blogging! I don’t get it.

The chip on your shoulder – I appreciate the irony of me writing this but there is too much anger on Twitter. I enjoy being miserable but outward aggression is nearly always inappropriate and very often about something that really doesn’t matter. It also suggests that you are really not very bright.

Insecurity issues – We don’t need constant selfies of you looking gorgeous. We know that you’re fit. But the daily, sometimes hourly reminder is just a little scary. And of course it’s great to know how much you LOVE your friends and how LUCKY you are and how much FUN you’re having.

I’m genuinely important - I don’t Tweet/someone does it for me.

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