The good posh and the bad posh in PR

The other day my client was complaining about the number of waste-of-space posh people there are in government. She grumbled about the fact that over half of Conservative MPs elected in the 2010 general election attended fee-paying schools; and that Eton School and Oxford and Cambridge universities are such a breeding ground of key figures in our society. She was particularly dismissive of Oxbridge leaders Cameron, Miliband and Clegg.

After this rant I was surprised when she then asked me to find someone posh to endorse her brand. I then realised she didn’t think being a toff was such a crime after all, not if it could help her sell stuff.

The problem is there is good posh, and there is bad posh. So, before I tracked down the perfect person to use in the PR campaign, I asked my client to list who she considers is a terrible advert for having a privileged background, and who she approves of. Here is what she came up with:

Good adverts for posh

Boris Johnson

Even if he is a buffoon

Everyone in Made in Chelsea

“Best TV show ever”, she said (I have hardly seen it, I prefer The Only Way is Essex)

Prince William, Kate and baby George

What’s not to love?

Ben Fogle

So nice it isn’t true

Hugh Grant

Especially since he took on the press

Jack Whitehall

Funniest man on TV (well, that‘s what she said)

Bad adverts for posh

All party leaders

Posh Spice (not that she is posh)

Brian Sewell

Who can understand a word he says? But who cares? It’s all about art anyway

Peter York 

He, who identified Sloane Rangers, and seems posher than any of them

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

Too damaged by her past, plus she’s been used by Walkers crisps

Jemima Khan

Too thin to be likeable