Is PR the best-looking profession?

Am I getting uglier or are other PR people getting better looking? I expect it is a bit of both. Here are my thoughts on why I think PR has to be one of the more attractive professions, in terms of its people, if not in terms of salaries.

It is a female-dominated industry. It is a well-known fact that women are the fairer sex. Although according to my wife there’s this bloke on Poldark that might make you question that.

It is full of young people. And many of the older ones earn a decent salary so they can afford to look after themselves, and even get some work done if needs be. For instance, I am getting rather self conscious about my teeth, as everyone I meet seems to have such gleaming gnashers.

PR people know what to wear. They have their finger on the pulse. One of my clients is an accountancy firm, and while they may earn a lot, it appears they don't know how to spend it!

PR people are charming. Well they should be, as getting on with people is definitely part of the job. And charming people always seem better looking, even if they don’t have the best features.

There is a lot of humour in a PR office. Someone who makes you laugh is always gorgeous in my opinion.

PROs are fit. I mean in terms of exercising. I am getting repetitive strain injury from filling in so many sponsorship forms. Is there a PR office in the country where someone isn’t running a marathon?

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