Hacked Off Flack on prejudices in PR

It is unforgivable to discriminate against people because of gender, race or class. But what about people who are old, overweight and smoke?

I have struggled with my weight over the years, and I don’t know if it is just because I feel better when I am thin, but I have found that people in PR seem to take more notice of me when there is less of me to notice. Isn’t it unfair enough that some people are good-looking, tall and slim, without them receiving preferential treatment as well?

It is great that our industry is attempting to grapple with the issue of diversity, but there are some prejudices that exist in PR that are hard to tackle.


We are supposed to be a nation that is getting fatter and fatter, well the crowd's not making me feel any more comfortable.


Unless you make it to a senior position in PR by the time you are 40 (some may even say 30), people consider you to be a failure. The authorities don't believe me when I tell them that I want absolutely no responsibilty!


I genuinely do think good looking people in PR earn more.


If you don't smoke you're never up on the best gossip - but you won't have to freeze your arse off outside the office back door.


When I have to dash off because my kids need me, I don’t appreciate seeing the young, free and single in the office roll their eyes. I may spend a few less hours in the office, but I still do twice as much work.


At school it was always the “cool” boys who got the girls, and now at work it is the “cool” people who get listened to in meetings.


Now I appreciate a nice steak, but I don’t like it when other meat eaters start grilling the token vegetarian at the table about why they choose not to kill animals for food. Leave them alone!