Does PR take itself too seriously?

Why does everyone take themselves so seriously in PR these days?

I remember when it was fun, but maybe that was because I drank a bit more when I was younger.

Let’s face it, we aren’t working in the most difficult business, so let’s celebrate the fun side of PR, and stop moaning about the long hours and how hard it is to police social media.

Here are my suggestions for lightening up:

1. Be silly. I slag off our office joker as much as anyone – to his face of course. But I miss him when he's not in.

2. Get some perspective. Some people really do have difficult jobs, you're not one of them.

3. Eat cake. Well, it works for me. But please don't ruin it by moaning about the diet you're going to have to go on afterwards.

4. Don't complain. Moaning is definitely addictive. Start and you can't stop. Just ask my mother in law!

5. Go shopping. Shopping for other people bores me, shopping for myself – different story.

6. Think of those worse off than you. Shit things do happen in life – so make sure you enjoy it.

7. Get pissed. Few things improve office banter more than a night out.

8. Pick up the phone. Go on, go wild and speak to someone! Email is definitely a morale sapper. It's boring, it's slow! Having a proper conversation is much more uplifting than tweeting and texting.