Are you a PR Christmas scrooge?

Merry Christmas everyone! Or should that be “Don’t talk to me about Christmas?”

I know which expression I am more likely to use.

To find out whether you are full of Christmas cheer, or full of Christmas sneer, take my seasonal quiz:

Your office wants to raise money for charity this Christmas, what do you do?

A) I suggest lots of fun ideas for raising money, and make sure I encourage everyone to donate by giving generously myself.

B) I might not come up with the best idea for raising money, but I make sure the event goes well. I organise it, take part and collect the money afterwards.

C) I keep quiet. Charities get too much money at this time of year as it is.

In the run up to the Christmas party, what do you do to prepare?

A) Put together an entertaining song and dance routine to make everyone laugh on the night.

B) Help arrange the party, send out the invites and decorate the venue.

C) Think of a believable excuse for not going.

How do you do your Christmas shopping?

A) There is no expense spared, I go to the most exclusive websites and make sure everything is delivered in plenty of time.

B) I find out exactly what everyone wants, and make concerted efforts to track all the gifts down before carefully wrapping them.

C) I persuade people not to exchange presents. I hate all the waste of Christmas.

What Christmas cards do you send?

A) I always buy charity Christmas cards, and send some e-cards too, again the money I spend goes to charity.

B) I make my own Christmas cards.

C) I never send cards.

What are you planning to do on Christmas day?

A) We are going to a relative’s house, and I am going to make sure I take masses of presents and champagne so that I can spoil everyone rotten.

B) Everyone is coming to mine for a slap-up meal with all the trimmings.

C) I am going away for Christmas, somewhere where I can ignore the whole thing until it’s over.

Mainly As: You are Father Christmas. I’m glad you are enjoying this time of year and getting into the spirit of things. Suppose someone has to.

Mainly Bs: You are Rudolph. You work hard and what do you get for a reward? A few carrots.

Mainly Cs: You are Scrooge. Still, with the money you are saving on not going out and buying Christmas presents, you can go mad in the sales. Treat yourself, why not? It’s better than treating others.

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