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Good and Bad PR: NHL score, Creme Eggs and Big Brother fail

Good PR

Everyone's talking about the NHL over in America right now for all the right reasons.

The National Hockey League has created history by showing the first same-sex Kiss Cam during a game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the LA Kings at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Greg Hogben, a journalist who contributes to the Huffington Post, uploaded a video to Twitter showing the kiss.

When the camera landed on Brad Parr and Andy Evans, who said that they were hoping to grab the attention of the Kiss Cam, the couple had a lovely little smooch and the crowd cheered loudly and applauded.

The story has hit the headlines on a global scale - a quick Google search will show you just how far the news has travelled.

The Kiss Cam has long been a popular and light-hearted form of entertainment for the waiting sports fans, but this was the first time in the history of the NHL that a same-sex couple was shown on the screen, so there's much to be celebrated about this story.

Bad PR

Things aren't looking great for the humble Creme Egg right now, so Cadbury is having a bit of a chocolate-related crisis. Since changing the recipe of the once-delicious treat, much to the dismay of those who loved them just the way they were, Creme Egg sales have slumped by £6million in just one year.

The new and "unimproved" recipe (see what I did there?) went down like a lead balloon with Creme Egg fans, many of whom did not like the “milk” chocolate that had replaced the much-loved “Dairy Milk” chocolate. You can taste the difference, believe you me.

Analysts IRI found that the £6million drop in sales for Kraft, the new owner of Cadbury, narrowed the brand's market share from 42 per cent to 40 per cent.

Competition is heating up too, with Mars' launch of Galaxy Golden Eggs this month and other Easter treats already hitting the shelves again to mark the time of year that's coming up.

The story about Cadbury's losses has been picked up widely, by the likes of Sky News, Daily Mail, The Independent and ITV, so the brand will have to pull some tricks out of the bag to gain back those lost sales this Easter!

In other news, Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother has come under heavy criticism for airing Angie Bowie's reaction to her ex-husband David Bowie's death when she was told in the diary room. She was informed off-camera that he had passed away, but at the end of Monday night's episode was shown in tears as she spoke about the emotions she was feeling about losing the father of their son Duncan Jones. The two hadn't seen each other for 40 years after a bad break up.

The story about fans criticising Channel 5 for using the scene to increase ratings of Big Brother has been picked up almost everywhere, including by the BBC, Daily Telegraph, Independent and plenty of others.

Written by Shannon Peerless, 10 Yetis, @ShazzaYeti on Twitter

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