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PR and ROI: Who is Getting the Best Return on Investment?

Location: Ketchum Pleon, Central London
Organiser: PRmoment Conferences
Price: Tickets are £185 + VAT

PR professionals the world over seem to have decided that AVEs are a ridiculous way to measure PR. But what is less clear is what measures are being used in their place. This conference aims to answer this question.

Do you understand how to robustly measure the impact of your PR? Are you concerned about how to measure the impact of social media on your brand? Do you worry about how to integrate your PR agency into your evaluation effort? And how much should PR and social media evaluation cost? AVE's are either dead or dying but what are leading global brands using instead?

To answer these questions, and more, attend our PR and ROI: Who is Getting the Best Return on Investment Conference. See the full speaker program below the booking form.

All bookings are completed through a secure server via Google Checkout.

Registration is from 8:30am on Thursday March 3rd 2011. The conference starts at 9.15am and closes at 2:00pm. A buffet lunch will be served from 1.30pm.

The nearest tube station is Liverpool Street. Bank tube station is about a 15 minute walk away.

The directions from Liverpool Street Station:
Turn left out of the Bishopsgate exit at Liverpool Street Station.
Walk for approximately 5 minutes until you see Folgate Street on the right.
Turn right onto Folgate Street and walk for approximately 3 minutes.
Ketchum Pleon will be on the left.

Ketchum Pleon
Fourth Floor
35-41 Folgate Street
E1 6BX London
United Kingdom

Here is a map of the venue.


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If you have problems booking this conference, or require further information please call on 01962 888113, or email Our offices are open 9 - 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Please note we can also take credit card bookings on our booking hotline number 01962 888113.



Registration, coffee and croissants



Chairperson's Introduction

Barry Leggetter, Executive Director, AMEC

  • Why is a return on investment measurement important for PR?

How do PR professionals define ROI? Presentation of research results

Professor Tom Watson, Bournemouth University’s Media School

  • What percentage of PR professionals measure ROI?
  • Who places greater emphasis on the measurement of ROI, in house professionals or PR agencies?
  • Do PROs believe there is a need to create a standarsised worldwide measure of PR?
9.40 am

PR & ROI: The state of play

Richard Bagnall, MD, Metrica

  • Evaluation methods PR people are using – the good and the bad
  • Where is the PR and social media evaluation market heading?
  • How can PR professionals put together a robust evaluation methodology in 1 day?

Case Study: How do Santander measure the impact of their PR?

Andy Smith, Head of Media, Santander

  • How to develop a cost effective evaluation model
  • How to design a methodology to incorporate both corporate and product scores
  • Why evaluation can be a company early warning system, both for crisis and product development

Why evaluation is an opportunity for PR agencies, not a threat

David Rockland, Partner/CEO Ketchum Pleon Change

  • How can a client and an agency produce robust evaluation metrics together?
  • What process and systems are important for a dual approach to evaluation to work?
  • How do you get the best PR evaluation? Through an internal client methodology? From the PR agency? Or through an external evaluation provider?


 11.00am Networking coffee break

What is the COI's PR evaluation model?

Oliver Hickson, Ex COI Director of PR and Sponsorship & Matthew Nardella, PR Manager, COI

  • What are the COI’s objectives when measuring their PR and social media performance?
  • What methodology principles do the COI use for their evaluation?
  • What is the cost per impact and how do you measure it?
  • What represents success and failure?
  • How can this methodology be used in other markets?

Evaluation Panel Q&A session

We’ve got together 3 leading PR and social media evaluation experts, and you can ask them anything you want....

  • Marcus Gault, MD, Insight and Social Media, Precise
  • Philip Lynch, Media Evaluation Director, Kantar Media Intelligence
  • David Rockland, Partner/CEO Ketchum Pleon Change





Case Study: How does Philips measure the success of its PR?

Andre Manning: Vice President of External Communications, Acting Head of Global Marketing and Communications

  • How does Philips measure the success of its PR?
  • How does Philips isolate the impact of its PR relative to other marketing disciplines
  • What evaluation methodology does Philips use?
  • How has a robust evaluation model improved Philips' PR?


Evaluation & Measurement: PR’s relationship with the rest of the Executive Team

Jane Wilson, CEO, CIPR

  • How to plan your PR evaluation
  • Why ROI is everything
  • How to demonstrate value and increase credibility with the FD and CEO
  • How to use AMECs guidelines and why a single, universal PR evaluation metric is not appropriate



Chairperson's closing summary

Barry Leggetter, Executive Director, AMEC



Buffet lunch and informal networking


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