Tips to manage your PR career

“The single most restrictive thing for your career is having a plan”, PROs and recruitment specialists discuss why planning too far into the future is a mistake, and offer other advice for developing your career, from taking breaks to embracing change

A day in the life of Emma Joyce promoting British baths!

From managing seven PR agencies to tapping into a platform for designers, architects and brands that has over 20 million unique users each month, there’s a lot on today’s agenda for Emma Joyce, communications manager at British brand Victoria and Albert Baths

Owl stunt is a hoot

Alcohol and owls go together like … well, never mind, have a cocktail with an owl anyway, it’s great publicity for The Barn Owl Centre. Meanwhile some people at Wonga may have to drown their sorrows soon when they lose their jobs

The rebranding of the PRmoment Awards

It’s with some regret, and a little emotion, that we’ve decided to rename Golden Hedgehog Awards, somewhat logically – The PRmoment Awards.

The PRmoment Awards 2015

The PRmoment Awards celebrate excellence and recognise and reward outstanding campaigns and exceptional talent in the UK PR and Communications sector

How to choose a PR agency?

Take the 'chance' factor out of your PR pitch process by using our free Find a PR Agency Service

Looking for a PR Job in London? is the only job board specifically for PR roles in London

PR League - In House

We've listed the top 40 in-house teams to win and be nominated for the most popular PR awards of the past three years

PR League - Agencies

We've listed the top 60 agencies to win and be nominated for the most popular PR awards of the past three years