The warning signs that you are working too hard in PR

PR is a stressful industry – PROs are working in a 24-hour news environment and have to deal with crises the minute they occur. So how do you make sure you don’t crack under the strain? PR chiefs discuss warning signs that indicate you are working too hard and suggest ways to handle immense pressure

Tesco learns a lesson in customer management from Shakespeare

At last, some great PR for Tesco as it comes over all poetical when answering a customer complaint. Not such good news for Morrisons this week, thanks to a nasty parasite, and one Christmas attraction in Belfry has been giving Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen a bit of a headache

National titles outstrip trade media when it comes to SEO benefit

Links from almost all media outlets are valuable SEO assets, but not all publications offer links. And not all links are created equal. We discuss a recent study that highlights how B2B PROs can target the right online publications to get greatest SEO value

The rebranding of the PRmoment Awards

It’s with some regret, and a little emotion, that we’ve decided to rename Golden Hedgehog Awards, somewhat logically – The PRmoment Awards.

The PRmoment Awards 2015

The PRmoment Awards celebrate excellence and recognise and reward outstanding campaigns and exceptional talent in the UK PR and Communications sector

How to choose a PR agency?

Take the 'chance' factor out of your PR pitch process by using our free Find a PR Agency Service

PR Ideas of the Year

Our PR Ideas of the Year book, which celebrates creativity in the industry, has been launched

PR League - In House

We've listed the top 40 in-house teams to win and be nominated for the most popular PR awards of the past three years

PR League - Agencies

We've listed the top 60 agencies to win and be nominated for the most popular PR awards of the past three years