How to retain staff in PR

What do you want? More money! When do you want it? Now! No one would ever complain about a pay rise in PR, but there is a lot more to keeping staff loyal in the industry than throwing money at them. We find out how PR employers keep their people happy in order to keep them for the long term

GoodandBadPR: All hail 'Chewbacca Mask Mom'!

The 'Chewbacca Mask Mom' video has done wonders for Facebook Live and US retail company Kohl’s, but Declan Donnelly’s lewd remark has done some harm to brand ‘Ant and Dec’ as well as Britain’s Got Talent

Catch up with the Economist’s Charles Barber

Spending ten minutes with Charles Barber, vice president, PR and thought leadership at The Economist, is time very well spent. Not only does he share some great pieces of PR advice, from why politeness is key to the importance of being trustworthy, but he also describes his unusual career path, which started out with a law degree...

London winners of the PRmoment Awards 2016

Following a record of 833 entries and a marathon judging session involving 60 judges, nearly 700 PR and Comms folks celebrated the best of public relations at the sold out PRmoment Awards in London on Wednesday evening.

The Manchester Winners of the PRMoment Awards 2016

Introducing the PRmoment Awards winners for Manchester and the North.

How to choose a PR agency?

Take the 'chance' factor out of your PR pitch process by using our free Find a PR Agency Service.

PR Knowledge Zone

Ever wanted to know more about PR and social media? Well, because we're nice people (honestly) and because we constantly get requests from PR professionals asking where they can find useful stuff, we thought we would produce a PR Knowledge Zone.

PR League - In House

We've listed the top 40 in-house teams to win and be nominated for the most popular PR awards of the past three years.

PR League - Agencies

We've listed the top 60 agencies to win and be nominated for the most popular PR awards of the past three years.