Why it’s easier to find a PR job in London than the rest of the UK

Job-hunting can be a very stressful process, especially in the current climate. When labouring through countless recruitment sites, should we now be moving focus from where we want to work to where can we get work?

I believe yes is the answer to this question. As a recent graduate, I am more than familiar with the twice-daily routine of searching through every jobsite known to man, and I think it’s fair to say that London appears to be keeping most relevant vacancies to itself. So why is it easier for PR professionals to find work in London than anywhere else in the UK? Well, it would appear there are a few reasons. According to PRmoment, 92% of UK PR jobs advertised on their site are based in London, 82% of vacancies found on PRWeek Jobs are in the capital too.

Those staggering figures alone tell you that despite anything else, there are quite simply more PR job opportunities available in London than anywhere else in the UK. Not only that, but the latest insolvency figures published by Experian showed a massive 25% year on year increase in the number of businesses failing in the UK. Digging deeper, it is interesting to see how this varies regionally. For example, London experienced a below average increase of 15%; a good result when compared to the 61.6% increase in the North West. If this trend continues throughout the New Year, then it would seem that your job security could certainly benefit from you working in London. There you have it, the main reasons why it is easier to find PR jobs in London than anywhere else in the country. There is greater choice and prospects, a sense of security surrounding your career and, some would say most importantly, you are probably going to earn more. All in all, a pretty convincing argument for PR job-hunters to pack up for the Big Smoke.