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Why creativity cannot be a bolt on

PRmoment recently held an event in partnership with Fever asking “Who’s responsible for creativity?”. The answer, in short, is probably everybody. Clearly, the tone of voice of your communications depends on the type and culture of the organisation you work for, but it seems the best and most impactful creativity nearly always reflects the appropriate brand values. Interestingly, our speakers at the event also suggested that some of the best results they have seen from creative campaigns reflected ideas that had come from within their organisations.

Below I've attempted to summarise some thoughts from our speakers: 

1. Structure is obviously important to encourage creativity. Below is how Paddy Power’s marketing and PR departments are set up:

2. Paddy Power is clearly at the more aggressive end of the creativity spectrum. Feilim Mac An Iomaire, head of PR at Paddy Power, acknowledged that sometimes the company gets it wrong but more often than not it gets it right. As Paddy Power's former CEO Patrick Kennedy said, ”If you never crossed the line you probably aren't close enough to it.”.

3. Here are Paddy Power's special ingredients to creativity:

  • Be at the heart of the action
  • Be innovative
  • Be audacious
  • Have a great picture
  • Stick it to the man/be controversial
  • Share the idea


4. Organisations must "evolve their businesses to stay relevant" was the view of our second speaker Lewis Marshall, UK and Ireland country communications manager at IKEA Group. IKEA is attempting to use the creativity from within its business to maximise the impact of the creative communications campaigns. IKEA is encouraging its employees to show curiosity, co-creation and creativity.

5. Fever’s Joe Chapell discussed the ideal extent of the role of creative director, arguing that they need to encourage a collaborative approach between the client and the agency (or potentially agencies) rather than attempting to be being a one-stop shop for all creative insight. Within this context Fever has created a creative toolbox which helps it work with its clients to create relevant and engaging creative ideas.

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