Who’s laughing now?

When images of the British and Lions rugby team visiting number 10 hit the papers yesterday, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh at David Cameron or the prankster, Manu Tuilagi.

The team were invited to Downing Street to celebrate their three-match-series win over Australia during the summer, but one of the players, Manu, decided to play the clown. As the group got into place for the photographer, Manu positioned himself behind David Cameron and as the picture was snapped he lifted his two fingers up behind the Prime Ministers head, effectively giving him a nice set of bunny ears.

rugbyblogAlthough I couldn’t help but smirk a little when I saw the image, I did feel a little unsure. Yes, ok, if this was a random member of the public taking advantage of a cracking photo opportunity, it probably would make me laugh. But, when you’re a well-known sportsman and role model who has been invited to number 10 as a sign of respect, he probably should grant that very same respect to the Prime Minister.

Manu Tuilagi, 22, tweeted an apology yesterday: “Apologies for messing around on Lions photo. No offence intended. Great day at Downing Street. Thanks to Prime Minister for hosting us.” Looks like the jokes on Manu!

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