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Who inspires you? (and isn’t it time you told them?)

It’s that time of year when many of us decide to better or improve ourselves, be that physically, emotionally or socially. Eat more healthily, drink less alcohol, get fitter, be kinder and more understanding, be more ambitious in your career, or even do a good deed every day.

Often these thoughts are triggered by someone who inspires us to do things differently or gives us confidence that we can change. Inspirational people are defined as those who give you ideas for doing something; people who are admired and whom others want to emulate.

Many people quote key public figures, well-known personalities and celebrities or philosophers as the ones that inspire them day-to-day. But in reality it is often people closer to home that truly inspire us and motivate us to better ourselves... The friend that seems to juggle work, family life and volunteering for a local charity or the colleague who cracks through work, has an amazing rapport with clients, is everyone’s friend, yet is dealing with a major illness and never complains.

But how often do we tell them we admire them, or that they’re an inspiration to others? Usually, not as often as we should.

This is the reason we set up the Suzy Spirit Inspiration Award here at LEWIS. Suzy was that colleague, battling bowel cancer until she died aged 31 – her spirit and enthusiasm touched everyone she met.

Aimed at those working in the communications industry, it’s unique because it recognises the unsung heroes that show true character, integrity and determination in everything they do. They lead by example and go out of their way to help and bring the best out of others, they mentor and coach the next generation to create tomorrow’s stars, and they put others before themselves yet never expect anything in return. They achieve great results and create better people because of who they are.

Winners from the past four years have secured impressive new roles, become a CEO and set up their own business. All said that the Suzy Award gave them the reassurance and confidence they needed to take a step up in their career… while continuing to make their amazing contributions to the community outside of work.

Does this make you think of someone you know? Imagine how they would feel if they won an award for what they consider to be ‘normal’ behaviour…. Often the recognition from a nomination alone is reward enough. You can show them what an inspiration they are by entering them for the award here. It’s free to enter and you only have to answer a few questions with examples of what makes them an inspiration to you and others. Just make sure you do so by January 12th!

The judges are different to those for other PRmoment Awards. We’re looking for:

  1. Someone who goes the extra mile to bring the best out of others
  2. Someone who inspires others through their character and personality
  3. A well-rounded person who is an inspiration inside and outside work – perhaps through their charity work, supporting the local community or dealing with a personal challenge of their own

Bowel Cancer UK is the official charity for the award. The charity aims to save lives and improve the quality of life for all those affected by bowel cancer. Its work is essential as early diagnosis is a key challenge in survival. All proceeds from the award go towards funding the vital work the charity does.

Even if you don’t enter the award, do take a few minutes to tell that friend or colleague how much they inspire you and why you admire them. You’ll be surprised how much it means to them… and you’ll have done your first good deed of 2018.

Sally O’Neill, VP International at LEWIS and Suzy Spirit Award judge

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